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Hannah tells us that she totally said bring it on to the day and kicked the photo shoot in the ass, and so was much better positioned than either Molly or Brittani. Brittani shares that Jay told her that she was too confident coming into the shoot and treated the whole thing like a joke, and that she didn't tell a story. She's not feeling good about the whole thing, and speculates that, based off of the shoot, either she or Molly will go home. As her tears continue, we head to commercials.

When we return, we see Tyra bragging backstage pre-panel that she had to be sewn into her dress, which came especially from London. It's bright orange and makes her look like a really hot, fashion-forward pumpkin. She also wears thigh-high boots without looking slutty, which is really the greatest triumph of models all over the world. There are prizes, there are judges. Ivan Bart, the Senior Vice President of IMG, is the guest judge. For some reason, all of the girls seem to have wet hair. Molly and Brittani's hair is slicked back, though Hannah's is atop her head. Maybe this all happened directly after Tyra put motor oil in their heads?

Tyra tells the girls that she loved their film so much this week that every girl gets two shots. Nigel is proud. Brittani is up first for critique, and says that her narrative was that she and Younes were in a fight, and then she ended by getting emotional and vulnerable because of the distance between them. Tyra assures her that this was a good choice of narrative. I think that Brittani's first shot is pure dreckitude. She's standing with one arm out to the side and the other hand touching Younes's at the fingertips, and the whole thing looks like the cover of Harlequin romance. Nigel tells Brittani that one of the problems he had is that it's best to start with the emotion and let the story follow. It seemed like she was doing the gesture and then saying that she was in love. Ivan says that great photographs are a collaboration between the photographer and the model, and he really likes this photo and feels great energy. He thinks she did a fantastic job. ALT thinks that the delicacy and gesture of Brittani's hand are wonderful. However, Tyra agrees with Nigel that Brittani needs not be so literal with her story. Nigel loves Brittani's second shot, and notes that she cried just before it, resulting in his getting a complex about shooting her. Brittani says that everything hit her all at once, and it just came out. Ivan feels that Brittani didn't quite "go there" and that it's a halfway picture. ALT wants to buy the belt that Brittani is wearing, and says it's beautiful. Tyra says that she's lived this, and the picture tells Brittani's story.

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