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This means that Candace is out. Tyra knows that Candace wants this, as evidenced by the fact that she tried out eight times. She asks if Candace gets scared when the camera is on. Candace says that she overthinks and overanalyzes. Tyra tells her that she's a queen, and needs to own it. Candace then says that it's unfair, because there are people in the house who were on the verge of packing and leaving. Tyra interrupts her to say that she doesn't know who Candace is talking about, and furthermore when she was in Paris there was a model (NAOMI) who was so (NAOMI) awful (NAOMI) to her (NAOMI), and Tyra had a weak moment herself. She was lucky to have a strong support system to keep her going. Candace is getting judged on the photo shoot and the picture, and that's it. Don't you love how Tyra skillfully facilitated this incident to make it neither about Kyle, nor Candace, but about Tyra herself? It is truly her greatest gift.

Candace is very sad to leave, and would have loved to go further. She wishes she had been given more of a chance to prove herself. However, she's a strong individual and work past it. I also intuit that she will continue to complain about Kyle for at least the next four years.

Next time: the girls go to Toronto fashion week! Catwalk madness! And things get sticky with a maple syrup covered photo shoot.

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