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Die, Motherfucker
In 1989, Janice and two-year-old Nathan flew to North Carolina, where Simon was producing his first feature film -- get ready for it --Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I see what she means about vision. Janice's mom also visited the set, and for some unknown reason brought her dad, who was a very old-looking sixty-seven and suffering from heart disease and early Alzheimer's. Since Janice still hated him, there was tension on the set, which finally erupted when she saw him kick her son. She, in her own words, went apeshit. She said that she would not let her son be abused like she had been, and so she told her mom that she was going to put her dad in a home. She's stopping the cycle of abuse! Unless it involves telling a hopeful young girl that she looks like Jay Leno. She called 911 because her dad was having an attack and hitting everyone. Her mom told Janice to make sure her dad had his heart pills. So they followed the ambulance, and then Janice threw his heart pills out the window. And then in a totally straightforward manner she says, "He was already in custody of the ambulance, but...I still feel like that I should have told them that he had a heart condition, but...when I left him at the hospital I told him, 'Bye bye, I'll see you in the next life, because this life you've made it miserable for me. How dare you did [sic] what you did to me and our entire family, and I just...Die, motherfucker. Just die." And I mean, awesome. Janice says that she knew he was lucid, and that she meant every word. That was the last time she saw him, and he died the next day. And she maybe kind of killed him. Janice's sister says that Janice was and is still very unforgiving, and that sometimes you have to move on. She says you can blame your past experiences for the person you are, or you can take responsibility and become the person you want to be. I don't know. In this case I say blame away. Janice says that she didn't attend her father's funeral, and that she has anger issues. Janice clearly does not trust our powers of inference. She admires her sister for being able to forgive her abuser and overcome her issues, but Janice can't forgive him. Meanwhile, and quite predictably, Janice's marriage to Simon Fields was starting to unravel through no fault of his. Janice was boozing it up and had to go to rehab again. She says she still hadn't come to terms with her unresolved issues from childhood. Simon filed for divorce in 1992, and the two engaged in a bitter custody battle over five-year-old Nathan, in which Simon said Janice was an unfit mother. Which, I mean, I love the woman and all, but he might have a point. They were awarded joint custody, with Janice getting much less time with Nathan. She threw herself back into modeling, and also discovered a talent behind the camera. We see a THS set-up shoot in which Janice photographs a young model against a blue screen. The whole thing looks like what you'd find if you answered one of those sketchy classified ads for "models wanted" that Oprah always told you to stay away from. Beverly says that Janice is talented, and that she was able to commandeer Beverly's own daughter on a shoot, going so far as to call the attitude-laden teenager to "stop being such a B," which Beverly found quite amusing. And I think Beverly's inability to say "bitch" shows us why Janice has her own True Hollywood Story and Beverly doesn't.

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