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Die, Motherfucker
Next, Janice signed on as a junior model with the Wilhelmina agency, posing as photographers tested cameras and lights. At this same time, Janice tracked down Ron Levy, an old friend from Florida who was in B.B. King's band. Janice fell in love with him on the spot, and says, "I guess I’m a romantic and love to me is like a leaf falling from a tree, because that's where I clocked my first husband." And it was clearly his musical talent that made Janice fall in love, because this guy is a sweaty, crooked-toothed, hairy reminder of all that was bad about the '70s. However, a few months later, they married. The sex, drugs, and rock n' roll that are part of a band member's day-to-day life did not bode well for the longevity of the relationship, and Janice soon found Ron nailing a backup dancer who also liked hairy, mustached guys. She says that this was obviously not a great thing, and made Ron the second man in her life that couldn't be trusted. She walked out the door and never went back. Ron said that she blew everything out of proportion, and that the woman was just a friend. Well, whores are known to be friendly, now, aren't they? But twenty-year-old Janice was not down for long, as she soon met with a visiting rep from her agency's Paris office who was scouting for new talent. The rep brought along his girlfriend, a young Lorraine Bracco. I'm guessing this was before she lost that year of her life due to clinical depression, and also before she felt the need to tell us about it in TV commercials. Janice says that, in her book, there was one particularly ebullient photo with, as Janice calls it, an alligator shit-eating grin, that leapt off the page with energy. Lorraine got it and said, "Jackie, I like that girl," in her Brooklyn accent. Janice tries to imitate the accent and totally sounds like she's from England. But they offered Janice a ticket to Paris, and she was high on life for a little while. But do not fret, gentle reader, for soon she'll be high on other things! In 1975, Janice left Manhattan for Paris. Monique/Gertrude Stein tells us that, more than anything, Janice wanted to succeed and prove to her family that she could make it. When she got to Paris, Janice was awestruck as her cab driver gave her an impromptu tour of some of Paris's greatest sites. She was not shy and tracked down a famous group of photographers dubbed "The French Mafia." She tells us that she tracked them down because they were the rock stars of photography, which she knew because she did her homework. As opposed to certain other folks who don't even know how to pronounce "haute couture." There's lazy half-assed ambition that leads you to be on a reality program, and then there's actual ambition that makes you the world's first supermodel. Soon, Janice landed a pantyhose ad, which gives her a bit of opportunity to show off her well-toned legs. In the ad, she gave the same energetic grin that impressed Lorraine Bracco, and knew it would work. The French got it because they loved anything different. She soon saw herself all over the place, and knew that something big was happening. Over the next few months, she appeared on magazine covers across Europe. However, this success couldn't squash her old demons, particularly the voice of her father that was constantly telling her she wasn't good enough. But still she persevered.

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