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Janice Dickinson: Supermodel Out of Control

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Die, Motherfucker
Janice returned to America after less than a year in France, ready to take on the Big Apple. Monique says that Janice had incredible talent. I think Monique wanted Janice to be her Alice B. Toklas. And I can see why. Young Janice was totally hot, if completely different-looking than she is today with her artificial face. Photographer Peter Beard calls Janice inventive, creative, and beautiful, and we see commercial footage of her boxing with a kangaroo, doing a handstand, and hanging from a giant coil. Yeah, that's right, I said "hanging from a giant coil." Diane von Furstenberg says that Janice had an emotion when looking at the camera that people received, and that it's not something you can explain. Diane von Furstenberg seems like kind of a bitch. Beverly Johnson says that not a lot of people can come to New York and become instantly famous, but Janice was the "It" girl in no time at all. I love that Beverly Johnson and Janice were friends. As we freeze on footage of Janice crossing her eyes in a peach headband, Mr. V.O. tells us that the "It" girl had no problem attracting guys. She soon began dating Michael Reinhardt, a prominent forty-year-old photographer. Beverly says that Janice always went with THE hot photographer, which is what you're supposed to do when you're a top model. Oh my God, Tyra and Nigel! Gross! Michael and Janice soon moved in together, but they were both attention-loving whores, which caused a lot of problems. Their tumultuous relationship spilled onto the set, where they would often argue. Janice says that the tension came because each had ideas about how the shoot should go, but that the results were magic. Janice's sister said that Janice was everywhere -- in magazines, on billboards, and on TV. And now we see more footage of the silver spacesuit commercial, which also features Janice hanging from a silver hot air balloon while filming with a prehistoric camcorder. If you didn't see this special, I can't do justice to how awesome it is. This high level of exposure translated into big bucks and bigger bucks, as is represented visually by a shot of Janice dressed like Alexis Carrington Colby. Janice says she continually demanded well above the going rate for models. Soon she signed on with Ford, the agency that once rejected her. Monique said that it was easy to negotiate top dollar for Janice because she was such a talent. However, along with fame came a serious attitude. Beverly Johnson tells us that when a shoot went longer than she liked, Janice would say, "You got it already" and walk off the set, and then tell Beverly to come with her. All this from the woman who lectures wannabe top models about professionalism! I think deep down it's because she knows that none of them can compete with the bad-assedness of herself, so why even bother. Beverly says that such attitude was unheard of, and that "You don't do those things. You don't do them unless you're Janice."

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