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Die, Motherfucker
Later in 1980, Janice met Bruce Willis, then a bartender who liked to play tough guy, physically threatening and chasing other guys who would ogle Janice. Janice says he's tough and daring in life just as he is in the movies. She also calls him "Bruno." Their relationship lasted only a few months, and soon Janice was on the prowl again. Her childhood friend Eric says that Janice was always looking around the corner for the next man -- the one who could provide her with even more passion. In fact, it was the passion herself that she was looking for. And now I have fallen into the lurid style of one Norman Mailer. "The more passion the better. But, you know, that in itself is a horrible disease. You can never fulfill yourself doing that." We see photos of Janice in a kimono, and some giant sparkly turban. A giant sparkly turban screams passion! It's what's been missing from my ever so dull life all this time. Janice's motto was to live each moment as if it were her last. Her sister says that all of the men that Janice has been with have fallen for the supermodel image, and that she doesn't know how a person can get beyond that. And I think it's mean that her sister just kind of said that Janice has no redeeming qualities. And I also think it's mean that THS chose now to freeze on a print of Janice in a crazily high-waisted garter belt and white bra with what appears to be an upside-down tiara gracing her forehead. Photo art direction by Jay Manuel, Sr. In 1981, Janice rocked out at a nightclub with Mick Jagger. She says that she was on the floor dancing with herself (uh oh oh oh) when she saw Mick, who was a good deal shorter than she. But, she says, short doesn't matter when you're hot. Tell it to Emmanuel Lewis! Janice started to do a Mick impression for Mick, big lips and all. She told Mick that she could outdance, outrun, and outsing him. She has an awful good memory for someone who has lost more brain cells than a thirty-time concussion victim. Mick was impressed by her bravado and lack of fawning over his stardom. Soon, he filled up her hotel room with pink roses, which Mr. V.O. calls "a British invasion" and Janice calls "courting me." Janice knew that Mick had a girlfriend, and she also wasn't that into him, but upon advice from her friend, she decided to go out with him for the story of it. But eventually the tables turned, because Janice fell in love with Mick and lost her power. She says, "The minute a woman, like, shows her vein, the guy'll just, like, walk all over it." Too, too true, ladies.

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