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Janice Dickinson: Supermodel Out of Control

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Die, Motherfucker
The satisfaction that Janice didn't get from Mick, she could get from the fashion scene. Monique tells us what we have long suspected, that the life of a supermodel is very difficult and exhausting. Janice says that once Monique questioned her schedule and said (in a French accent, of course), "Ooo do you think you are, Superman?" To which Janice replied, "No, honey, I'm Supermodel! And you will refer to me as supermodel." And Monique said, "Zat you vill bee, super mo-del!" And that is how the term came to be. And even after the fine people at the O.E.D. chase back the etymology of this word, you will have to beat this woman down if you claim otherwise. Janice's sister tells us that she was working all the time and couldn't stop, and that she was on the "treadmill to nowhere." Don't all treadmills go nowhere by definition? At the pinnacle of her career, Janice "developed a nasty cocaine problem." She talks about her cosmopolitan lifestyle and rigorous work schedule and says, "How do you think we kept going those days? Vitamin B shots just didn't cut it. We were taking cocaine." As if to prove the influence of drugs, we see a shot of Janice in a fluffy pink sweater-dress with clown-like embellishments. Janice became a full-blown addict and, after seven years on top, started her inevitable decline. Even Monique found it difficult to book her because she was becoming so unreliable. We see several wasted-looking shots to corroborate this. "And then...the lights went out." In 1982, Janice was planning to launch an ill-advised singing career at a benefit at Studio 54. We see a wasted, sweaty-faced, short-haired photo of Janice with a microphone, and then a poster publicizing the event. These were not pretty years for Janice, no thanks to the devil's white powdery friend. Edward Tricomi says that Janice was backstage and seemingly doing fine, and then started slurring massively ten minutes later. Janice insisted on going onstage, however, and after garbling a few phrases, she passed out cold. Even her sister says that it was a disaster, and that she was lip-synching badly to her own music. A trendsetter in many ways, was Janice Dickinson. Soon Janice started having hallucinations and was doing enough cocaine to require an intervention. Janice says that on Intervention Day, she was still lit from the night before, and thought everyone was there for a party. But they pointed out her slow downfall filled with missed work and copious negativity, and then said, "Pack your bags, y'all, you're going to a twenty-eight-day stint at St. Mary's!"

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