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Janice Dickinson: Supermodel Out of Control

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Die, Motherfucker
At St. Mary's, the Minneapolis rehab establishment, nobody liked Janice or believed her tales of hanging out with Warren Beatty and the Rolling Stones. But eventually she opened up about the true source of her problems -- her troubled childhood. For the first time, she tells us, she was able to tell about her unresolved issues from being abused on a daily basis for sixteen years by a pedophile father. Her voice starts to crack a little when she says this. Stay strong, Janice! Her sister tells us that their father came to rehab to do group work with Janice, and that she started talking about the situations of their childhood. Their father walked out, and Janice fell apart. Janice tearfully tells us that she told him, "It was painful for me growing up in a house of rage and hostility. And that's what drove me and propelled me during those years. For escapism." She continues, "I mean, he split. And when he split I realized...Motherfucker. He can't even sit there and listen to all the shit that he put outo on his little girls." She is making me so sad! I can't even think of any jokes. Janice completed rehab but wasn't clean for long, no thanks to the drugged-up fashion world. She says that she didn't quite bottom out then. Yay, more to look forward to! By the late 1980s, Janice was tired. "I burned out in France, I burned out in England, I burned out in Germany," she says. "It was time to go to Los Angeles and see what I could do on the magic screen." Something tells me she knows a lot about magic screens. In 1986, thirty-one-year-old Janet made the move and met up with Simon Fields, who produced music videos for Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson, and other hot acts. Janice says that Simon was different from any man she had ever met because he was funny and extremely good-looking, but had a sense of vision. Beverly Johnson says that Simon was a very straight-laced English kind of guy, and so attracted to his opposite, the coke-loving Janice. The two started dating, and four months later she got pregnant. They wed in an extravaganza of '80s hair that made Janice look a lot like Stephanie Zimbalist. And this means that, at least for a while, Janice was Mrs. Fields. Take a moment to imagine the secret ingredient in those cookies, if you will. Soon, Janice gave birth to a boy, Nathan, who (she says) humbled her and taught her to act like a human being. She put her Hollywood ambitions on hold (which, seeing the later clip of her acting, we all must recognize as a good thing) to be a mom.

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