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With that, it's time for The United Sirens of America to take the stage. The shoot their group numbers first, and appear to be having problems. Alisha attributes at least some of this to the fact that the Americans are not on the same page personally, and the hatred is shining through in their inability to tooch collaboratively. The US song is entitled, "Stop, Drop and Tooch," which really does have D'Amato's sticky fingerprints all over it. Jay encourages Kyle to try having an expression. The Brits then completely and accurately make fun of Kyle's attempt at an expression, which is basically vacant bug-eyes. Alisha puts it best when she says, "Why are you in shock? You're supposed to be happy. Calm the eyes down." Jay yet again tells Kyle that everyone else is fine, and she looks crazy. He says that Kyle struggled with the choreography and her sense of belonging in the group, and pulled down the performance for everyone. Kyle requests a break, and heads into the bathroom alone. Maybe she just had to take a shit? Commercials.

When we return, Kyle has maybe stop, dropped and pooped. Azmarie enters the bathroom to try to calm her down and get her to refocus. We see Seymone's individual shoot, and Jessica is impressed at the sassiness she brings to it all. Then there's Azmarie. Jay says that she's talented and has a great look, but needs to keep her ego in check. In the world of fashion, he says, your attitude will spread like a brush fire and then no one will touch you no matter how great you are. And from the glimpses we see of Azmarie doing her verse, I think she actually was pretty great. Shoulda worn the butt pads, lady. Kyle is next, and continues to appear vacant and dead with Grave's disease. Laura notes that Kyle brought the team down as a whole, and says that she'll be beyond pissed if Kyle's mistake sends her home. Then there's Eboni, who brings 30-Never with corresponding pigtails to her shot. Jay tells us that Laura is so engaging even when she's in the background that she steals the attention of the viewer. This is a good thing when you're in a competition. And that's a wrap!

Back at home, there is Tyra Mail of Doom. Someone is going home. Kyle confessionalizes that everyone did a good job on the video shoot except her, and she has a bad feeling about panel. Azmarie is also nervous, mostly because of ToochGate 2012. The Brits are feeling comparatively confident. They haven't won a whole lot during this competition, but they clearly feel like they deserve a victory in this case. With that, there's yet another commercial! We clearly need a breather before we are assaulted with the full-length videos for these songs.

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