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Catherine was unique and fancy and had star quality. Sophie stole the show, according to Cutrone, because of her strong Edie Sedgwick vibe. Jessica likes Sophie's look, but wants her to get a little more comfortable in her body. Alisha was 100% professional, and a fine mixture of tough but ladylike. Cutrone felt like Alisha was going to take everybody to a dirty nasty orgy castle with Snoop. Now we know what Kelly Cutrone thinks about in her private moments, I guess. Annaliese was cute and adorable, but Cutrone thinks she still looks more like a presenter than a fashion model. She is also continuously haunted by Annaliese, which is in fact better than being continuously haunted by Kelly Cutrone.

Nine beautiful girls stand before Tyra, but she only has eight photos in her hands. Those photos represent the girls who are still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. The judges felt that the Brits had the best overall video, with Alisha having the standout performance. She is clearly thrilled! Runner up for best performance is Sophie. Catherine is called next, followed by Annaliese, Seymone, Laura and Eboni, This leaves Kyle and Azmarie in the bottom two. The judges think that they both have amazing model physicality. Azmarie has gorgeous photos, making everyone think she's one to look out for. However, the judges are concerned that she thinks she's too cool for school. Also, I think they want to get her out so a Brit can win. As for Kyle, she lacks oomph. But still she stays. Azmarie is out. Tyra says that she thought Azmarie would be a finalist, and could possibly win because she has an extra special something. That extra special something, however, is not a tooched booty, and Azmarie just should have worn the damn padded underwear. Even though Tyra seems like she's being cool and friendly, there is a vein on her forehead that clearly wants to jump out and strangle Azmarie. With the sage advice to be more cooperative, Tyra bids Azmarie adieu. I think that Azmarie could not actually give a shit. She says that Tyra found her in the midst of her journey, and allowed her a platform to continue growing. The world has seen her, not in a training tooch, and she's thankful for that.

Next week: People still hate Kyle, surprise! Estelle guest stars, and there are some dinnertime photo shoot shenanigans.

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