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Tyra says her goodbyes to Kayla and Bianca, and Bianca looks surprisingly sad. Or maybe just tired? Although Kayla wishes she had won, she says she's okay with the results. She's learned a lot, and is proud of herself overall. Bianca says that her all-star experience was amazing, and that she's going to continue being herself -- that includes being candid, sassy, fashionable and staying dry sometimes. It sucks to lose, but that's the way the fat-free cookie crumbles. I shall dunk said cookie in tears, because a Top Model All-Stars without Bianca is like, well, a cookie without fat. It will be a dry and tasteless remainder of the season, devoid of stank and spirit. Pour a little out for Bianca, everyone. But just a little, because we're all going to have to be plenty liquored up to survive a Lisa D'Amato victory.

Next week: The girls record their own song!

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