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Angelea asks Kristin if people were calling her for gigs after Laguna Beach, or if she had to go out and get an agent herself. It turns out that a producer on Laguna Beach hooked her up with her first manager, who then found her an agency and publicist. This is bad news for the girls, who are assured zero help from Tyra. Kristin is now producing reality shows and also has a shoe line, which proves that success can come even to the bitch. Bre asks how you maintain longevity as a reality star, without going from reality show to reality show. And now, Kristin will perform the cha-cha. I mean, that's at least as ironic as a free ride when you've already paid. Kristin says that it's about making smart choices and knowing what you want your brand to be. What is her brand, I wonder, and did she ever translate it into a hot dog? Not wanting to answer such a hard-hitting question, Kristin bids the ladies adieu.

The girls receive Tyra Mail: "Having all the right answers will save you from an uncertain fate. Fierce and Love, Tyra." I just can't even believe she's trying to make "Fierce and Love" happen. I guess that's her new brand. I personally think that "Fierce and Ugh" is more accurate. The ladies head out in the rain and arrive at The Grove, where Nigel meets them. He stands inside a trolley to address the ladies, while they stand out in the rain with matching umbrellas. Nigel explains that The Grove is home to "that fabulous TV show" Extra. He then goes on to say that stardom has its perks, but also involves a lot of hard work. This includes ANSWERING QUESTIONS. Oh my God! What a triumph of the spirit that requires! For today's challenge, the girls will be tested on their ability to answer tough questions thrown at them by Mr. Mario Lopez. Angelea reminds us that Mario Lopez is rather fine.

The girls will be interviewed in teams. Since Lisa and Bianca had the top two photos of the week, they'll be team captains. Lisa's team is Laura, Alexandria, Isis, Dominique, and Angelea. Bianca's team is Allison, Bre, Camille, Shannon, and Kayla. Nigel announces that the winning team will be safe from elimination this week, and the girls get very wide-eyed. Drunk Laura tells us that this is either an amazing prize or really crappy, depending on whether you win or lose. We are reminded that a correspondent gig for Extra will be part of the prize package for our very top all-star of the season. Nigel tells the girls to make sure that their brand is clear while answering questions, and encourages them to be authentic. In some cases this means "authentically horrible," but that seems OK too as long as it's consistent with the brand.

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