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Kayla then gets a viewer question about her discomfort working with male models, and whether she's gotten past that. Kayla says that she's moved on from that. She broke through those barriers, and now is moving forward even more. She says that it set her free, and that's why she's here today representing freedom. Too much explicit brand! Mario asks Camille if she has a backup plan in the event that she does not win Top Model All-Stars. Wait another eight years for Top Model: Menopause Cycle? Camille says that she has a degree, and will be involved in the business of fashion one way or another. Alexandria tells us that team number two needed to be more real, relaxed and professional. Oh, what does she know. At least she's not wearing that giant hat with the bow on it, I guess.

With the interviews over, Nigel gives each team an assessment of their performance. For team one, a big problem was Lisa's tendency to jump in when everyone was talking and give high fives and generally be an idiot. Angelea's assessment is: "Lisa, you suck." Nigel then tells Angelea that this is about her showing her personality, and on stage during an interview is prime personality time. However, Angelea was quite conservative, straight, and unmemorable. Angelea tells us that it's frustrating, because she associates an interview with being professional. She's confused about what Nigel wants. Nigel then tells Isis that it isn't just about the message -- it's about the way she moves and looks, so everyone gets involved in the conversation. Does that mean that she did good or not?

Nigel then turns his smarmy attentions to group two. Bianca talked about vomit a lot, and doesn't have to be so open. Allison did a great job, and was very eloquent and on point. Nigel then tells Kayla that she's a true role model, but being a brand doesn't mean just one thing. He says that any one word is multi-faceted, and tells all the girls to think about that. Kayla looks very, very puzzled. With good reason, since nothing the judges tell these girls makes any sense. As all-stars, they should be used to this. In any case, the winning team, who also has immunity from elimination this week, is Bianca's team! They celebrate, as team one looks on in great sadness. There's one individual winner from the winning team, who will come back and be interviewed on Extra. And it's Allison! She's so happy and cute about the whole thing, and the others seem genuinely happy for her too. Maybe three-quarters of the ladies on this show aren't rancid bitches, after all!

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