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Tooched by an Angel

Dominique and Kayla are up first, and Stilt World creator Trey Night gets them outfitted. Sadly, the girls are harnessed, so no one will be able to break a face. Dominique starts walking around okay, but soon goes flying. The harness catches her, though. She and Kayla start posing, and things are looking pretty good. Kayla kicks a leg in the air behind her, and the two variously embrace and mock-shove each other. Sarah tells them to remember their faces, and Jay suggests that Dominique and Kayla work off of each others' energy more to create different facial expressions. Dominique interviews, "I'm like, more faces? What do you mean? Because I have a whole lot of face going on right here." All at once! Jay says that Dominique is intent on keeping her model face, and needs to learn how to model through what happens around her. Kayla notes that Dominique is strong face-on and so is trying to keep that in her poses, but she's not necessarily delivering the greatest stuff. She's the one on the chopping block, so that's bad news for her.

Meanwhile, Bianca is trying to get herself together while Lisa makes some posing strategy suggestions. Lisa tells us that being paired with Bianca is a challenge, since she's scared of Chihuahuas, heights, and everything. The one thing she's not scared of, however, is elimination, since she has immunity. Isis and Camille are next. Isis is wearing silver leggings, which make her look even more like the skinniest person alive. And then, unfortunately, there's Camille. She says that she needs to go up there and deliver, because "how is it that I'm going to have somebody who's transgender do a better job than the actual 'real' woman?" Yeah. She adds finger quotes to "real," but it's still shitty. Isis tells us that, in this case, there's no such thing as being too extreme. She pushed herself to the point where she fell a lot. We see Isis falling, and falling, and falling. Jay thought that Isis would bring a fun, funky energy to the shoot, but says that she didn't. After the shoot, however, Isis busts out some fly dance moves while still on her stilts, to the delight of everyone. Jay wonders why she didn't give that when she as on set.

It's Lisa and Bianca's turn to be on set, but Bianca is nowhere to be found. That's because she's taken a move from her BFF Bre, and is hiding out in the bathroom and crying. Angelea even felt bad for her, and says that you don't expect Bianca to cry because she's so stank on the outside. Bianca is shaking and full of nerves. Lisa, who is the one in danger of elimination, says some soothing words and encourages Bianca to get her shit together. She tells us that if Bianca ruins this for her and she gets eliminated, Bianca had better learn how to run on stilts. You know, because of how Lisa would go after her. With this visual in our heads, we go to commercials.

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