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Six beautiful young ladies stand before Tyra, but she only has five photos in her hands. Those photos represent the young ladies who are going to Marrakech. And the number one girl of the week is...Alexandria. Tyra notes again how interesting it is that she wore her stupid No. 1 shirt this week. Hannah is called next, and Tyra tells her that she needs to work on her confidence. Hannah shakily says that from here on out it's confidence all the way. Kasia is called next, followed by a very relieved Brittani. Tyra is proud of Brittani for learning so much, and becoming so very broken. This leaves Jaclyn and Molly in the bottom two. Jaclyn only made it to two go-sees. But what could possibly save her is that she booked 100% of those jobs, and the designers loved her personality. Then there's Molly. She made it to four of five go-sees, but once she got there the clients did not care for her personality. So who stays in this competition? It's Molly. She cries as she takes her photo. Tyra says that the judges felt her body of work was so strong, and they see a girl with a lot of inner turmoil and struggle. This convinced the judges that she needed to do some soul searching. Tyra reminds her that positivity will book the job.

Jaclyn gives Tyra a hug and thanks her, while agreeing to go home and learn how to read a map. Jaclyn looks very pretty as she tearfully bids the competition adieu. She's sad that she won't get to participate in the Morocco trip, but feels blessed that she got this opportunity at all. She knew nothing going into the competition and has learned a lot, and says that this is the beginning of a career for her. If anyone's looking for a tall brunette with a loud, squeaky voice and a big personality, Jaclyn might know someone.

Next week: Clip show!

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