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But wait! The drama is not over! Lisa high fives several of the girls while still in her Michael Jackson costume, but when she gets to Bianca, Bianca won't even look at her. Angelea laughs, and Shannon says, "Rejected!" Now, Shannon was just telling a joke to make herself laugh. But Bianca doesn't take it so well. She can't believe that The Crying Christian is giving her shit, and tells Bre that Shannon's soul is ugly. Shannon's feelings are hurt, and she tearfully interviews that Christians are people too and make mistakes, and that everyone always holds you to higher moral standards just because you refuse to wear granny bloomers in public. Shannon decides to talk to Bianca's security, Bre, to try to sort the whole thing out. She asks why Bianca hates her so much, when she's already apologized. Bre calls herself everybody's mother. I don't know what that means. Bianca says that, going into panel, it's important for her to prove the other girls wrong. She's a bold personality, and a signed model, and is there to show the judges that she deserves it. As she adds, "And the crying Christian can go home," we head to commercials.

When we return, it's panel time! There are prizes, there are judges. ALT has done away with his barbershop quartet getup, and LaToya is the guest judge. Her jacket is made of sparkles and rainbows and unicorn eyelashes, it will not surprise you to learn. Shannon is up first for critique, looking like a Robert Palmer girl. Nigel is blown away by her photo, and says that it's genius. Tyra tells Shannon that her planes are genius, but she needs to connect with her face as well as her body. Kayla is next, and Nigel can tell that she was inspired by Michael Jackson. LaToya says that she looks like she's onstage, singing a song. ALT adds that the energy in her hands and her neck gives the photo passion. Dominique is next, and her "Smooth Criminal" shot is pretty cool. ALT says that it's stylish, and very Fred Astaire. Tyra thinks that it's fun, but still maintains a model-esque quality.

Angelea is next, and Nigel says that her photo is intense, cool and different, but doesn't give him Michael Jackson. LaToya thinks that Angelea has an incredible body, but didn't use it in her photograph. ALT complains that there is no energy in Angelea's toes, though Tyra compliments her for the intensity in her face. At the same time, however, she thinks that Angelea can do a lot better. Allison is next, and the judges love her blackface shot. LaToya says that she captured the essence of that era. She sees the Jackson 5, and also Donnie Osmond. It is indeed a very toothy sort of photo. Tyra says that the photo is very Italian Vogue. Now, granted, I don't read Italian Vogue all that much. But really? A model in blackface looking like a character out of Fat Albert? That's Franca Sozzani's vision? She's funkier than I thought, I guess.

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