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Bre is next, and Nigel says that he doesn't see Bre, he sees Michael Jackson himself. It makes him feel nervous. I can't tell if that's a good thing or not. LaToya points out that Bre kept holding her breath, and tells her to let it out for power and force. Tyra is impressed by Bre's ability to stand on point when she's not a ballerina. In loafers, no less! She keeps her face calm at the same time. Tyra says that it's like opposites, but that's what makes it so amazing. Alexandria is next, looking like weird Michael Jackson kabuki. Nigel is a fan, for some reason, and says that he sees Alexandria in the picture. Tyra enjoys the fact that it's quirky and has a sense of humor.

Lisa then approaches panel wearing her Rosie the Riveter with cat-eye glasses ensemble. ALT chokes out that it's not working. The outfit is so bad, he says, that it's painful. If there were a fainting couch in the vicinity, he would be on it right now. Nigel agrees that it's wretched, but at the same time he loves it. Tyra likes it too. Less cute is Lisa's photo, which involves her now signature split. Nigel says that Michael Jackson was such a perfectionist, that if he were going to do a split on film it would actually be a good one. ALT hates the photo, and hates Lisa too. Tyra asks if it's not notable that Lisa has a signature leap. ALT says that the signature leap may work in other challenges, but not in the Michael Jackson shoot. He is basically all set with her shenanigans.

Laura is up next. Her photo is very weird, but LaToya loves it and loves her. Nigel says that her face is loving, caring and memorable. He's also impressed by her ability to have a boyish look. ALT adds that there's a nobility, grace and dignity about the photo, and Tyra adds that Laura looks like she has wind on her body and it's swaying backward. Next is Bianca. LaToya says that she's missing the strong, powerful lines that she wishes Bianca could have captured. The photo is good, but timid at the same time. Nigel says that it's the wrong kind of naiveté, as if she's wondering whether she's doing it wrong or right. Instead, she should just be doing it. Bianca says that she's taken aback by the photo, likely because she seemed to do such a great job at the actual shoot. I mean, this happens all the time on this show, but still. Miss J. apparently called Tyra and told her that Bianca said she doesn't know why she's there. Bianca explains that she's had a rough week, and that the other girls finally realized that there's a six-foot, 120 pound personality walking around who is competition to them. And thus, everyone is always picking on her. But Bianca assures panel that though she might bend, she won't break. She's like a tree in the wind or whatever. A bendy tree. Tyra tells Bianca to hold on to her model, and also her energy. As Bianca walks back in line, Angelea shoots her a dirty look.

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