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We get a look at the wardrobe backstage, and Laura learns that her outfit actually was worn by Michael himself. She promises not to drool on it or anything. Allison gets fitted for an afro wig (!!!!!!) by hairstylist Christian Marc. With her buttoned up dress shirt, she kind of looks like Pat in an extremely disturbing way. Jay tells the girls that he knows they might need a little extra help embodying the King of Pop on camera, and so has brought in special guest LaToya Jackson! She'll be on hand to advise everyone as they pose. Angelea is particularly happy, since she enjoys the whole Jackson family -- even Rebbie!

Bianca is up first to shoot, dressed in vintage "Thriller" attire. Judging by the look on her face, something evil is still lurking in the dark. And yet, she still manages to look absolutely stunning, even with the jeri curls. Jay tells Bianca that because this is such an iconic look, she has a tricky job, and LaToya encourages her to put her own elements into it. She wants Bianca to shine through, through Michael. Bianca smiles really big, like, "Thanks, crazy lady!" This shoot is making Bianca thoughtful, because of all the parallels she sees between the two of them. Bitches tried to take Michael Jackson down, too, probably because of how candid he was. Bianca rocks her sequined socks, and it seems like things are going quite well. LaToya says that the hardest challenge for the girls is trying to implement what they feel that Michael was really like. I think that would take a layer of tragedy far beyond what even Lisa D'Amato is prepared to contribute. Michael Jackson was one fucked-up dude. Sure, his death was tragic, but not nearly as tragic as his entire life. Jay tells Bianca that her pictures are great. Remember this for later!

Bre is up next, feeling like Jackson royalty in her blue sequined jacket. She's also '80s Michael, though I believe from a slightly later time period than Bianca. Rushka thinks that Bre looks peaceful and elegant, and Jay says that she brought movements that tell a story. His only problem with her is that she was holding her breath, which implies a certain stiffness. Overall, though, it seems like she got a good shot. Alexandria is next, as late '90s era Michael. She's looking slightly darker than usual, though since this was the timeframe in which Michael was practically white, it's not so heavy-handed. I think she looks a wee bit insane, but the photographer seems relatively complimentary. We don't get an assessment from Jay.

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