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Aminat is up next, and actually looks pretty gorgeous. Tyra tells her that she booked two out of three go-sees, and Aminat gives herself a big cheer for this even though it's not all that impressive. Nigel tells Aminat that she was pretty good on set, but there are definitely things she could do to improve. She doesn't get into the scene and emote enough, and really has to get into the moment. Aminat gets big props on her body, but negative props for not using it in her photo. Paulina tells her that she's average and adds, "That's not how you model!" Tyra tells Aminat that if she made it as a model, she would have a body to rival Naomi Campbell, whose body is one of the best ever. Somewhere, Naomi is throwing her cell phone at a lackey in glee. However, Aminat doesn't know what she has, and her picture is a waste of a body.

Next is Fo. Nigel tells her that she couldn't find her length in the picture, and kept going back to a weird hunching pose. It was difficult for him to shoot her. Cris tells Fo that she's not natural in her photo, and Miss J. adds that she looks mushed and short. Paulina tells Fo that this is the worst picture of her yet. Fo looks like she is about to cry. Tyra sternly tells her that she has to work on her angles. The judges are looking for proportion. Tyra walks to the front of the judging table to give the models a little lesson. Anything that you move toward the camera looks bigger, and anything you push back from the camera looks smaller. If you have big boobies, drop them back a bit! It's all about playing with lights and shadows and pulling things away from the camera. Paulina tells Tyra that she just gave a perfect lesson. Tyra doesn't acknowledge this praise, because she already knows. As it happens, Fo booked zero out of five go-sees. That is sad times. Tyra asks Cris why she didn't book Fo, and Cris says that Fo needs to practice more and also isn't tall enough for runway. Miss J. thinks that if Fo had gone in acting six feet tall, Cris never would have noticed her diminutive size. Cris says that perhaps Fo was tense. Tyra tells the girls that each of them has to fight extra hard to prove that they're good enough. Celia is an old hag, Teyona and Aminat are black, Allison is retarded, and Fo is a little person in a big world.

Finally, there's Allison. Tyra notes that there's a bit more confidence in her walk this week and Allison adorably replies, "I'm trying." Allison's photo is surprisingly good. Nigel tells her that she's one of the few girls who really worked the whole picture. Tyra says that she thought Allison would be her usual cute kewpie doll self in the photo, but she actually evoked some sexuality, like a sexual mermaid that washed up on the shore of Brazil. I don't even want to think about the weird Splash fiction that Tyra reads in her off-time. Cris says that Allison has attitude in her picture, which is what designers look for. However, in sad news, Allison only booked one out of four go-sees. Tyra says that this must be because of her demeanor and how she's selling herself to clients since her pictures are strong. Tyra hasn't seen Allison walk lately, I guess.

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