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Three and a half hours remain! Allison reminds us that, aside from this competition, she has no modeling experience whatsoever. Additionally, her walk is her big weakness. She meets Oskar Metsavaht, designer for Osklen. He tells us that he likes Allison's personality, but she was very shy. Oskar enjoys Allison's pictures, but oof, that walk. He interviews that Allison would be good for photo campaigns, but is not ready for the catwalk. At all. Several girls decide to hoof it from designer to designer to avoid the traffic. Teyona is apparently not one of these. Fo arrives at designer Cris Barros. Cris likes Fo's ethnic look and charming face. Fo walks and Cris asks her to be more natural. Cris's final assessment is as such: "Fo should be taller... with kind of... concave for the clothes." The latter half of that sentence is entirely mysterious, but the first part comes through loud and clear. Celia next arrives at Huis Clos, where she meets designer Clo Orozco. I'm hoping for an "Oprah... Uma"-style "Clo... Fo" moment in the near future! Clo is either blind or a rock star, as she is sporting some gigantic shades indoors. Stupid Teyona enters Huis Clos only to see Celia there again! She is frustrated at her bad luck and once again leaves before she can walk for the designer.

Aminat winds up at Ellus, where she meets designer Adriana Bozon. Aminat tries to chat her up. She knows that her photos aren't the greatest, but says she has one of the strongest walks. Aminat is truly an Amazon. She and Fo should team up for a remake of Twins. Adriana says that she'd book Aminat for a runway show, and that she's better suited for that than for a photo campaign. Teyona gets to Ellus just as Aminat is leaving, so actually gets to walk. Adriana likes her very much and says that she'd book Teyona for her show. With two hours and forty-five minutes remaining, we learn that Celia is on her third go-see. Aminat is on her second, and Oskar says that he would book her. He is Teyona's second go-see. Fo is also on her second go-see, and Adriana Degreas also isn't booking her, again because she's so wee. Allison is also on her second go-see with Crazy Sunglasses Designer, who has said nothing but is my new hero. Fo is in her taxi, which is stuck in traffic. She interviews that in fashion time is of the essence, and that designers get mad if you're even one minute late. As she stresses out about the time, she hopes that the traffic doesn't screw her over and we head to commercials.

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