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Let's Go See the City

When we return, the girls have a bit over an hour remaining. Fo is nervous about all the go-sees she has yet to go see, and also is having trouble keeping track of time. She makes it to Osklen, where she puts right up front that she's been told she's a little short but gives it her all. Way to own the weeness, munchkin. Oskar says something that sounds like, "Fo. Her body not fleekin flokin." Maybe that's in Oompa Loompan, so her people can understand? What comes through clearly is that Fo is commercial and not for high fashion. With less than an hour left to go, Teyona goes to Huis Clos, her third go-see. My hero in the crazy glasses says that her first impression of Teyona was the best. She likes Teyona's chic style. Allison heads to Adriana Degreas for her third go-see. She walks in a bathing suit and has to be told to relax. Things don't go much better as Allison tries her hand at modeling a caftan pantsuit on the catwalk. Yes, I just said "caftan pantsuit." Adriana's translator says that she'd maybe book Allison for an ad campaign but not a fashion show. Poor Allison gets stuck in the curtains as she tries to leave. She should try modeling a Charlie Brown shirt next.

With half an hour left, Aminat has her third go-see with Cris Barros. Celia arrives and has to wait for Aminat to finish. She says that Aminat has a beautiful, amazing walk. And she looks unusually flattering in a dress made entirely of purple ruffles. Tyra herself is a fan of purple ruffles, which is maybe why Aminat has made it this far. Aminat interviews that she would like Celia to go home because, no offense, she looks old. You know, it's kind of hard to believe that you don't actually mean any offense when you call someone old at 25. I've done it throughout this season's recaps, so I should know. Cris, however, likes Celia, and says that she's confident and elegant when she walks, and has a great career ahead. It's true that Celia looks excellent in her ruffly Cris Barros ensembles. Teyona arrives to see Celia walking and thinks, "Day-um!" She decides to leave rather than risking being late for the 3:30 deadline. She's the first to arrive, about 10 minutes early. This elicits a "woo-woo!" from Teyona. Allison and Aminat are in their cars on the way back, and Aminat hopes that all the other girls are late and she wins by default. Way to set high standards for yourself! Allison is stressed about the time and the traffic. Fo makes it to her fifth go-see with Crazy Sunglasses Lady. She says that 1) Fo is very commercial; 2) she prefers Fo in photos; 3) Fo is not very tall. Fo puts on sunglasses to try to win favor, but it does not work.

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