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Fo has only seven minutes remaining with a 15 minute drive ahead. That is bad news for her. Celia thinks that she has plenty of time if she skips the fifth designer, so heads back. Aminat rushes to the meeting destination and makes it with about yrn minutes to spare. She says this is good for her because she's African and never on time. Maybe I am secretly African? Allison then shows up, also on time with about a minute to spare. Allison saw four designers altogether as opposed to Teyona and Aminat's three. Celia gets out of her cab and moseys to the building. When she enters the designated room, the other girls scream, "Laaate!" Celia is exactly one minute late. She interviews that she was downstairs on time and it took her forever to get to the designated room. She thinks she's fine. There is no doubt, however, that Fo is late. She's pretty sure that she's disqualified, and is crestfallen. The other girls mock and malign her, and the fifth go-see with Crazy Glasses Lady is looking like a pretty bad move right now.

Vanessa da Silveira, Paulo Borges' assistant, greets the girls and tells them that Mr. Borges would like the girls to meet him at Fashion Week headquarters. They follow her onto the roof. Because time is of the essence, the girls will get to go by helicopter! Celia interviews that she was so excited because she's never been on a helicopter. Update: Celia has still never been on a helicopter. She and Fo were both late, and so are disqualified from the challenge and have to take a cab to the Loozer's Lounge. Teyona does a happy dance as Celia and Fo pout. The helicopter ride seems pretty cool, and Aminat, Allison and Teyona are even treated to some sort of exciting ascent.

They meet Paulo and his translator for their critiques. Allison saw four designers, who think that she has a very exotic face. However, the designers also thought that she seemed very insecure and nervous and needs to practice her walk. Allison thinks this is a fair assessment. The designers loved Aminat and think that she has a great walk. The designers thought that Teyona has a very beautiful face and loved her personality. One designer even said that she's everything that they're looking for in a model. Well then! It is hard for me to imagine how Teyona isn't going to win this whole thing at the moment, though when she flashes her denture smile I can see a surprise ending reflected in those horrifying pearly whites. In any case, Teyona is the winner. She gets a piece from the collection of each participating designer, which is a pretty awesome prize. Teyona also feels good because she's proven that she has what it takes to actually go out there and book jobs. Or do My Life as a Cover Girl spots in purgatory.

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