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Aminat and her blurry bottom are first. Nigel introduces her to the extras on her set. Aminat explains that they were all expecting the extras to be fellow models, but in fact they are weirdo locals. There is one hairy fat guy in a Speedo who it is going to be difficult to outshine. With such a weird mix of people on set, Aminat tells us that you really have to be the focus. Nigel is excited to shoot Aminat because she's got real swimsuit model potential. She's got long limbs and beautiful skin and looks amazing, but she needs to be in control of how amazing she looks, says Nigel. It's as if she's not fully connected. At the end of the shoot Nigel tells her that she's got it -- a banging body and great-looking face -- but she focuses too much on what's being said and what goes on around her. Jay says, "Be you." Frankly, in this case, I don't know if that's good advice.

Fo is up next in her microscopic ensemble. Fo interviews that she's not worried about standing out, because she does stand out in the crowd. Her strategy is to look strong and do what Nigel wants. She does a few poses and Nigel notes that she's not the tallest girl on the beach, so needs to stretch her limbs. At some point in the shoot, Jay tells Fo that she's being too safe, and that if she's aggressive she'll give the shot more of an editorial vibe. He interviews that Fo goes from pose to pose, and it's forced, commercial, and just plain not right. At one point he yells, "You're giving me Gollum again." Ooh, it's true. Fo also didn't interact with the extras in the scene, and it came off as disingenuous and like remedial modeling. Bad, bad and worse.

Allison is next, and confirms for us that she is sporting the smallest bikini she's ever worn in her life. She also confirms that she doesn't usually feel like a sexy person. Too bad, because I think she's primed to enact someone's Holly Hobby fantasy. Allison is nervous, but this isn't all bad -- she tells us that sometimes nerves give you the adrenaline rush that you need. Allison beelines for the hairy fat Speedo guy and poses with him. Jay tells her that if she's going to do that she needs to get even closer. Without pause, she does it. Now that's commitment! Nigel yells, "Beautiful!" and also acknowledges that Speedo guy is getting the thrill of his life AND getting paid. Would that we were all so lucky. Nigel tells us that Allison was a bit of a surprise. She moved around the picture and made sense of it. After the shoot, Nigel tells Allison to believe in herself, for reals.

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