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Teyona is next, and hopes that she once again does a good job with Nigel behind the lens. Jay says that Teyona is pretty close to being a true top model, but tends to hold her shoulders stiff and high like she's in a monster movie. But generally, she does a really good job. Nigel tells us in plain terms that she can model. She doesn't have the best swimsuit body per se, but knows how to move and understands angles and goes for it. Jay says, "Nigel likey," and suddenly I have post-traumatic flashbacks to Bret Michaels. Alas, I shall never be free. Anyway, Teyona is awesome.

This leaves Celia as the only one left to pose. She tells us that she was practicing in the trailer and obsessively looking at her face and body. Knowing the competition level around her, she says, she really needs to step up her game. Celia is wearing a pirate's eye patch for a bikini bottom. It is really something, and Celia should be commended for her regular waxing. When Celia gets to set and sees the array of weirdo extras, she's a little thrown. It was not what she had in mind when preparing for the shoot. Celia starts to pose, and looks pretty generic. Nigel tells her to interact with the Speedo guy, and Celia places a reluctant hand on his torso. You can't blame her for that one. When Jay and Nigel prompt for more interaction, she goes so far as to squeeze his man-boob. Now THAT is commitment. However, the results are still not impressive. Nigel tells us that they had a great set-up for Celia, but she wasn't connecting to the characters and felt removed from the whole scene. Nigel hands his camera to an assistant and goes on set to give Celia some ideas. Jay tells us that it's very embarrassing when a photographer has to jump in the shot and show the model what to do. Nigel caresses Speedo guy and then is grossed out by what he's been forced to do. Nonetheless, according to Jay, Nigel made the shot believable, and that is the job of a model. Celia picks up some sand and lets it fall, prompting an, "Ooh, Lord," from Jay. And not the good kind.

When the girls return home, there is Correio da Tyra. Someone is getting the big, designer stiletto boot. Celia interviews that, because of what happened at the photo shoot, she's quite certain that she'll be the next one to go home. She confesses to Fo and Allison that Nigel switched places with her to enable her to see the scene. Her voice is sad with shame. With a bit of a sob in her voice she interviews that it's hard to think that everything you've worked so hard for will be gone. Allison asks Celia what would happen if the two of them were at the bottom. As Teyona and Aminat sneak up to eavesdrop, Celia states that the judges aren't going to send Teyona home, so it will probably either be herself or Aminat who goes. Aminat is mildly scandalized. She thinks that Celia will be going home because she's not a strong model and, in case you forgot, is a contemporary of Grandma Moses. For her part, Fo doesn't want to get her hopes up. She's unsure about panel, but also thinks that some of the other girls didn't do as well as she did. With that note of doom, we head to commercials.

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