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We enter judging with the tale of the supermodel who wanted to guide future girls. This week's Rule for Owning Your Inner Fierceness is: "Work hard. Perfect your poses. And life will seem like a day at the beach." I love how Tyra's final photo with the future girls she wants to guide has her looking in a completely different direction, like she's trying to see who ran off with the airbrushed parts of her stomach. Way to engage with the extras! In any case, there are prizes, there are judges. Tyra is wearing a purple ruffly shirt again, which makes me nervous for some reason. Like maybe it's a subliminal message, or is hypnotizing us. I do have a taste for ribs right now. Though that's not unusual. Cris Barros is the guest judge.

Teyona is up first, and Tyra tells everyone that Teyona won the go-see challenge. She booked three out of three jobs, which is a pretty good batting average. Teyona's swimsuit photo is great, and Nigel tells her that she's fantastic. She moved around the set and wasn't shy in the slightest. On top of that, she did stand out in the crowd. Paulina says that Teyona knows how to use her body, which is the trademark of a great model. Cris tells Teyona that she looks like a perfect Brazilian girl in her photo. Miss J. gives Teyona props on the dress that she's wearing, which she of course won in the challenge. Tyra thanks the Lord that Teyona won some decent clothes, and says this is the first week that she looks like a model rather than some girl off the street who takes pretty pictures.

Celia is next. Tyra compliments her on her outfit which is, per usual, finger-waving fierce. Celia booked three out of her four go-see jobs, but was late and thus was disqualified. Celia's photo is not very good, and Nigel tells her that she was not the easiest girl to shoot and seemed distracted. She also didn't come with any particular attitude and seemed lost on set. Nigel asks her what happened, and Celia says that she actually practiced for hours beforehand. Paulina tells her to never, ever practice a lot before an actual shoot. You should always sleep on it. Tyra tells Celia that she fell into corniness, which is not who she is generally. She asks Celia if she was uncomfortable, and Celia says that she just psyched herself out and when she stepped onto set it didn't work for her. Cris tells Celia to relax and feel the moment, and Paulina adds that modeling can be a bit like quicksand -- the more you try, the more you'll sink.

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