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Laura is up next, and is so sunburned I don't know how anyone can take her seriously. She explains with vigor that she was Mexican and Greek. Nigel says that he doesn't see Laura in the photo, but that said the close-up is stunning. Kirsty also loves it, and notes that it's quite the transformation. Tyra tells everyone that the shoot was terrible at first, but then Laura asked Tyra to be brutally honest with her feedback and was able to turn it around. Looks like Laura will last another week if her face doesn't fall off.

Erin is next, with her Tibetan and Egyptian photo. I think the photo is actually pretty good, and I can't stand Erin. Miss J. compliments her concave back. Then Nigel asks what she was thinking, and what her inspiration was. Erin repeats her line about knowing nothing about Tibet other than people want to free it, which led to a lack of emotion in her head. Kirsty says that she can see that in the picture, and wonders if Erin could have done something stronger. Nigel says that Erin can't fall back on how pretty she is. She takes good photographs week after week, but now she has to deliver an edge. There's no power in her eyes in this picture. Miss J. calls it beautifully bored. Tyra says that the first time she photographed Erin, Erin blew her away. This time, however, Erin was the only girl who seemed not fully present in the shoot. Her photo also read "jeans ad." Tyra asks what was going on. Erin says that, after her last photo shoot, Tyra told her she had no personality on set. Since Tyra's a judge, Erin got tweaked out and intimidated and showed even less personality. Good strategy. Nigel tells her that every client and every photographer she'll meet are judging her, and Tyra adds that you can show personality by asking questions such as, "What do Tibetan people do?" Miss J. says that you appear to be smarter by asking questions than you do by asking nothing, which I actually think is good advice. Unless you have a tendency to ask really dumb questions.

Next is Brittany, the Native American / East Indian hapa. Nigel says that her photo is very stoic, and he doesn't necessarily see a lot of energy. Miss J. agrees, saying that she could have been more animated with her giant headpiece and giant sleeves and giant madness. Kirsty adds that Brittany seems overpowered by the sari and the headdress. Tyra calls the pose catalog, which makes jeans ad model Erin smirk. Brittany tells the judges that she wanted to be stoic and elegant and poised, and Tyra says that she should always remember that she's a model first. Nigel tells her to think future, and not just vintage. Does he mean vintage as in "vintage Native American chiefs?" Or, like, the Trail of Tears is so vintage? Or Cherokee Red is a kick-ass vintage beverage? (Which, actually, it is. Do they still make that?)

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