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With that it's time for the judges to deliberate. Erin's photo gets raves all around. Miss J. likes Bianca's photo. The face works even if the body isn't as good as it could be. Jaime and Nigel are more lukewarm on it. Brittany's photo is roundly criticized. Nigel thinks that Sundai's picture is her best to date, but adds that she's lacking in presence in person. Laura was not great. Jennifer has some fine tuning to do, but Jaime thinks that her photo is pretty good overall. Nicole looks like she's over six feet tall, which means that she wins. Lulu is exceptionally average. She's one of the cutest of the bunch but, Nigel says, there's no "it" factor. Kara's picture is great. Tyra thinks that she's special, and that her face stands out in a crowd. Rae didn't grasp the concept of elongation, but she did grasp her skirt. Ashley's shot also wasn't great. She's trying to work the background, but unfortunately for her nothing else is working. And with that, the judges have reached a decision.

Eleven young ladies stand before Tyra, but she only has ten photos in her hands. And those photos represent the ten of them that are still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. Tyra first calls Kara, who has the best photo of the week. Nicole is called second, followed by Erin, Sundai, Jennifer, Bianca, Laura, Ashley, and Rae. This leaves Lulu and Brittany in the bottom two. There are two of them, but Tyra is only going to call one name. The person whose name is not called must hightail it out of there, hopefully nicking some silverware or bedding on her way out. Lulu is one of Nigel's favorite girls to look at, but she exhales when the camera is around. She needs to inhale. Brittany looked tall last week, but short this week, so it's possible that her good picture was a fluke. Who stays? Brittany. Take that, haters! Tyra tells Brittany to play with her proportions as Brittany cries and takes her photo. Ashley is crying too, ostensibly because she lost her minion. Lulu lacks tension, and Tyra tells her that she looks like she isn't interested in modeling. She needs to study tension and get some power and force behind her beautiful face. Lulu plans to go home and work on the things Tyra suggested because, she says, this is not the end of her modeling career. Or maybe it is. Who can say. She says that Top Model opened a lot of doors for her, and she's going to enter those doors. She is literally exiting a door as this is voiced over, which is a lovely ironic hint on which to end the episode.

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