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The girls head to panel where Tyra greets them wearing Hammer pants. There are prizes, there are judges. Jaime Rishar, petite supermodel extraordinaire, is the guest judge for the week. Tyra takes a moment to address the rationale between deliberately choosing short girls and then trying to make them look taller. She says that all of the girls are stunning, but that's not enough for high fashion. They must be able to appear taller if necessary, so as to not give someone an excuse not to hire them. I'm sure these fabled employers will have other excuses at the ready.

Erin is first for evaluation. The judges all agree that she's elongated herself nicely and the expression on her face is lovely. It's a good shot, much better than last week's in my opinion. Jaime, who I must say is looking a bit past her prime, compliments Erin on her long-looking legs. Bianca is next, and though she's not elongated to quite the extent that she could be, Nigel thinks it's a beautiful photo of her and the first where she looks really soft. Jaime agrees that her face looks beautiful, and Tyra compliments Bianca on how well she models from the back of her neck. She acknowledges that it doesn't make any sense before she says it, which doesn't actually help matters.

Brittany is next and, sadly for her, she looks short. Her neck is hidden, and Jamie tells her that she has to have a wide shoulder to avoid looking small. However, she is smizing, which is something. Sundai, the shortest of the bunch, looks stunning and relaxed. Miss J. wants her to bring the confidence in this photo to the catwalk. Then there's Laura. Her photo is not so great, and the judges give her tips for leg positions that would have given her better length. Jennifer is next, and the judges like her photo, though they don't rave. Tyra notes that Jennifer's eye looked totally fine in all her film, and her ptosis is nobody else's business. Next up is Nicole, who actually looks like she's on stilts. Nigel jokes that she's on Sundai's shoulders. Tyra thinks that Nicole looks like an Anna Wintour discovery featured in a Vogue spread. We don't see the close-up of her face, but I'm sure it's lovely as usual.

Lulu is next, and her shot is pretty but it's not fashion. Nigel thinks it looks like a portrait of an actress or a singer, and is overall very average. Jaime tells Lulu not to point her knees toward the camera, because it automatically shortens her legs. Additionally, Lulu has no tension in her body and no fierceness in her face. She does have bitchery in hear heart, but that didn't help in this situation, did it? Kara is next, and the judges love her photo. She's using the set to her advantage to dynamic effect, and her neck is extended to give her height. Jaime thinks it's one of the best photos so far. Rae didn't do so well at stretching herself and gets some pretty "meh" reviews. Nigel says that lying down to stretch yourself out doesn't really work. It's all about tricking the camera and playing with angles, and Rae didn't do this. Finally there's Ashley. She managed to stretch herself out a little, but she's not smizing and seems to have inherited Jennifer's wonky left eye. It's not great.

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