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Liz, Kayla and Chris get their evaluation. Nigel thinks that Chris looks amazing, and not at all like she's in Teen Vogue. She doesn't work in the picture, but he loves her as a solo. In the group generally, Nigel thinks that there needs to be more angst, passion, or love. ALT, however, thinks that Chris looks like she's afraid that a huge crow is coming into the gondola. Huge crows were the scourge of 18th century Venice, you know. Margherita agrees that Chris looks a little scared, but she likes it. Tyra likes Chris's picture in the wide. It has a sexuality that looks slightly hoochie, but Chris didn't get off on the hoochie stop. Probably because the giant crow was there waiting. She stayed on the train. Up close, however, she doesn't think that Chris's face has any interesting angles.

Liz is out of focus, and Tyra says it's on purpose. Out of focus or no, Nigel thinks that this is the right way for her to go in terms of attitude and look. However, he doesn't think that she's committed enough. This is a trend with her, which is one of Nigel's problems with her. ALT is not excited by Liz or her slutty stance. Liz starts to say that it was really hard to balance, and ALT cuts off her backtalking ass by saying that it's very déclassé. He thinks that her face is lovely, but the déclassé stance takes away from her strengths. Margherita loves the confidence and "strong woman thing" that Liz is showing, but she says that it doesn't look like the right time -- it looks more like Venice carnival. I think she's saying that Liz looks like a drag queen. Tyra likes Liz's strength in the photo, but says that generally she struggled in the shoot and seemed a bit lost. This somewhat good photo was a rare moment.

Finally, there's Kayla. Nigel says that his eyes went straight for her in the photo, because she's radiating. She has strength, power, and eye contact with the camera. She's mistress number one -- the mistress who says, "I've had him and I'll have him again." There's a real story in the photo. Margherita says that it's all about Kayla's eyes, and ALT adds that Kayla is definitely the star of the photograph.

The judges deliberate. Jane was the star of her photograph, according to ALT. Nigel agrees that there's a definite energy with Jane, and Tyra basically loves everything about her shot. Chelsey looked good, according to Margherita, but she doesn't capture the viewer's attention. Tyra agrees that she's like a background singer. ALT says that Chelsey was the most stunning girl in the Missoni clothes, despite the fact that she almost passed out. Nigel says that Chelsey is smizing despite the fact that you can't see her eyes, and it was almost talking through her eyelids. Giant crows and communication through the eyelids. 18th century Venice was a heady time. Ann is an incandescent, luminescent aristocratic woman between the legs of Casanova, according to Andre. He adds, "Not sure she's going there." Tyra says it's like they plucked Ann out of this era and stuck her in the photo. Unfortunately, she wasn't consistent in her film. Nigel says that Ann looks amazing in the photo, but she seems a bit lost generally. She's uncomfortable, and the giant cloak she had on today was wearing her.

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