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Nigel thinks Chris's shot is great, but it's not the best shot in the picture. ALT doesn't like that Chris is afraid of giant crows. Tyra doesn't know about it, and ALT adds that he doesn't get it. ALT says that Liz isn't connected to the scene, but Tyra argues that she's cussing out Casanova with her eyes. ALT still can't get over the déclassé stance, and Margherita agrees that she finds it a bit vulgar. Nigel says that Liz's pose has the potential to be vulgar, but it also has the potential to be high fashion if you commit. Liz, unfortunately, doesn't really know what to do. This is Kayla's best photo yet, according to ALT, who says that she has confidence. Nigel notes that it was tough directing Kayla in the commercial shoot last week because she was very uncomfortable with the male model. In this photo she's almost ignoring him, and is making it work. Margherita says that Kayla is the only model who delivers something in the photo. Kayla has her vote. As Margherita says this, Tyra reveals that she has a total girl crush on Margherita, or at least her voice. It's pretty hard not to, frankly.

The girls return. There are six of them standing in front of Tyra, but she only has five photos in her hands. And those photos represent the five who are still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. And the first model called is...Kayla! Chelsey looks pissed, or maybe she feels like she might pass out again. Jane is called next, followed by Chelsey and Ann. This leaves Chris and Liz in the bottom two. Chris has an effervescent, contagious personality. She lights up a room when she walks in, but her photos aren't shining and sparkling as much as the others. Then there's beautiful Liz with her gorgeous bone structure, and strong androgyny that's beloved by the judges. Her photos are usually good, and sometimes amazing, but the judges say that she makes too many excuses. So who stays? It's Chris. As she takes her photo, Tyra tells her that personality is important, but it's time for her to kick some ass with actual modeling ability.

Tyra hugs Liz, and tells her that she doesn't have to win this competition to be a good influence on her daughter, that her life as a model is not over because she's going home right now, and that she's amazingly fierce and gorgeous with her current look and had better not put a weave in it. Chris smiles through the tears. She says that she's very proud to have made it this far, and to have made it abroad. She hopes she's successful after this. She's going to take what she's learned and go forward. However, the only person who could make her happy right now is her daughter. Liz can't wait to see her. I imagine it will be a relief to talk about going potty instead of giant crows.

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