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Chris still struggles. She says that Kayla was outshining the rest of them and getting her pose on, which motivated Chris further. Well, allegedly. She still looks kind of crazy. Liz, meanwhile, has to keep patting her sweaty face with a paper towel. She says that her back was on fire through the black leather jacket, and she was about to explode. Liz then has to move to the back of the boat and kneel on hard, black wood. Her knees are burning, and she's in pain, and if she'd finally get a good shot maybe they'd put her out of her misery. Chelsey notes that Liz is the champion of complaining, and that's not tolerated in the industry. Simone tries to direct her into a good shot, while Jay tells her that her hand looks like a catcher's mitt. Also in bad news, Jay tells us that Chris actually got more awkward as the shoot progressed. That seems impossible, but it happened. Meanwhile, Kayla continues to kill it. Once the shoot is complete, Jay gives the three girls a few pointers, one being for Chris not to put her tongue completely in Mario's ear. Chris denies it, but Mario points out that it's still a little wet in there. Kayla tells us that she thinks Chris did a mediocre job on the photo shoot and adds, "Chris is not high fashion." That's a little bitchy but also, I think, true.

Next, it's time for Ann, Chelsey and Jane to do their shoot. Ann tells us that vying for Casanova's attention was stressful. She sure does have a hard time getting a good body position, even though she's in the front of the boat, which is the exact same location where Kayla rocked it. Maybe Ann is too tall for boats? She tells us that her shyness is a big hurdle to get over, and adds that she's been in the bottom two. Tearfully, she says she doesn't want to screw up in such a high-stakes competition. When Ann is sad and stressed-out, it really makes me sad, too. I may be without pity, but I am certainly not made of steel. Jay tells the girls to get into character before noting that Ann looks petrified. Chelsey really plays up the role of syphilitic whore, to kudos from Jay. She reminds us yet again that she has more drive than anybody else, and it's frustrating not to have gotten best photo yet. A big part of this might be how whack she actually looks in her photos. I think she does have some modeling skills, but even her pretty photos never look pretty. Jay loves what Jane is doing. She had a difficult positioning, kneeling behind all the others, but she had her own little moment back there and made it believable. He felt with Jane like he was looking back in time. I will reiterate that this has more to do with her face than her Ivy League coursework.

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