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As the girls poke around in the kitchen, Tyra "sneaks up" on them. Like, I'm so sure. I wonder how many takes it took to get a realistic amount of screaming. Liz sarcastically interviews that she almost died and had a heart attack right on the spot. Tyra asks for a tour of the palace that she picked for them. When they're in the bedroom, Tyra shows them a second mattress that comes out from the bottom of one of the beds, and a futon rolled up in the corner. She says that although this place is not glamorous, everybody has a place to sleep. Tyra then asks if they can figure out why she chose this place for them, and Chelsey pipes in that it's a model's apartment. This is true, and Tyra says that they're not typically glamorous although the apartment they're in is very nice. Tyra then tells tales of horror of her first model's apartment in Italy. It cost $30 a night, and the bathroom was -- wait for it -- DOWN THE HALL! Shared by the ENTIRE FLOOR! How did she ever survive? She says that when a model gets a call to go to Paris or Milan or London, it's not like the glamour and fun that they've seen on Top Model in the past. She adds, "That's not reality," as if anything about this show has ever been realistic. She wanted these girls to experience what it's really like. And what it's really like is apparently getting to visit the House of Missoni the next day, despite their lack of experience or skill. Jane interviews that though she understands why they have such a small house, she still wishes they had a bigger one.

Meanwhile, Liz talks on the phone with her daughter and cries. Her daughter, who sounds quite adorable, asks Liz if she's going to go potty. Ooh! I think my left ovary just twitched. Liz explains that she already went potty, and my ovary clicks right back into place. Liz tells us that it's a lot of pressure to be there, and she's stressed out. At the same time, she thinks it's going to be so worth it. Liz cries and tells Chelsey that her daughter is talking really well, and said, "I miss you." That really must kill if you actually like spending time with your child.

The girls head to the House of Missoni, or, as Chris says, "The place where all the fashion takes place." There are clothes and textiles and sketches all around, and it must be a pretty cool thing to see. Miss J. meets the girls, and introduces them to creative director Angela Missoni. He explains that Missoni is one of the most established names in the world of Italian fashion. Angela welcomes the girls to their headquarters and invites them to try on some of the winter collection and walk a bit. The winter collection, as you may expect, is heavy on the knitwear. With the exception of a hideous giant cloak that Ann is forced to wear, it's really gorgeous. Jane tells us that she's never worn anything this expensive, and the quality is apparent right away. Kayla interviews that the Missoni clothes were nice, but it's very uncomfortable to wear knits in the middle of summer. These girls are hot. Heatstroke hot. However, Kayla says that when you model you're put in all sorts of uncomfortable positions, and it's not as easy as people make it seem. I suspect it's not always as tortuous as this show makes it seem, either.

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