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Miss J. then introduces the brand ambassador and accessory designer -- Margherita Missoni. She apparently was also a model, and is indeed gorgeous. Margherita is Angela's daughter and the heir to the Missoni empire. She tells the girls that she'll be seeing them again, because she'll be a judge in their elimination tonight. Also, they'll be wearing the Missoni knitwear all through judging, I'm assuming for no other reason than to make somebody pass out from heatstroke. The girls then walk in their Missoni duds. Ann is first, and looks crazy. Part of that is the fault of the giant cloak, though. Chelsey is next, and tells us that she has the whole package of looks and personality. You know who she doesn't think has that package? That's right, Ann. Angela tells Chelsey not to bounce so much in her walk, and then instructs Jane not to cross her legs. Chris walks and Miss J. says, "That must be jelly because jam don't shake like that." And he is not, apparently, ready for that jelly. Liz walks next, and tells us that this is the stepping stone for a career of a lifetime. She doesn't want to go home as a failure, but rather wants to be able to tell her family that their lives are about to change. Angela notes that all of the girls are different, which is good, and that personality makes a girl special. Chris tells us that they have no idea who's going home, but whoever it is, they're not ready for high fashion. With this foreboding thought, we head to commercials.

When we return, we're treated to a view of the holding room pre-panel. The girls are all complaining about how hot it is. Chelsey tells the others that she's had a problem with passing out her whole life. Her mom wouldn't even let her play sports because she gets overheated so easily. As funny as it is to see models fall on roller skates or on treadmill-runways, inducing heatstroke is just not cool. Chelsey interviews that you'd think everything in Italy would be air-conditioned. Yeah, you'd think. Liz strips down to her bra and holds an ornate fan, which seems to be an appropriate strategy for dealing with the heat.

The girls appear before Tyra, who I don't have to tell you is not wearing knitwear. She's gone with a teeny strapless dress. Nigel is in a full suit, though, and ALT is wearing his traditional judging cloak, so I'd imagine they're pretty hot too. The judging room is very red, like a womb from which Tyra will birth a real-live model. There are prizes, there are judges. Margherita Missoni is the guest judge. Tyra seems especially boozy, or maybe her meds are a little edgy with the time change and heat.

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