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Jane, Ann and Chelsey are up first for judging. They all say that it was fun to shoot with a sexy, swarthy Italian man. Their photo is really good. Nigel says that as a wide shot it works amazingly well, and they all have real chemistry. Chelsey is stunning, and Nigel says that this is one of the most beautiful pictures he's seen of her, despite the fact that he can't see her eyes. Tyra points out that this is a big deal given Nigel's predisposition for eye contact. It's true that even though Chelsey's eyes are turned away from the camera, you can tell that they're slightly crossed. Tyra agrees that Chelsey looks lovely, and like she's whispering something into Casanova's ear. She seems like she's in control, and the other girls don't matter because this is her man. ALT says that she "has a volcanic sultriness under the iceberg of cold, frozen incandescent beauty." Yes, that's a quote. She's hot, but she's cold. Margherita is the one quasi-dissenting voice, and says that though Chelsey looks great she doesn't appear to be the lead character in the picture.

Ann's photo is very simple. It's not in heat, Nigel says, but Ann has the magical ability to look almost lifeless in a shot, but at the same time full of life. Yes, Ann is a paradox. Keep doing what you're doing, honey, which is absolutely nothing. ALT says that Ann conveys "incandescent aristocrat." Margherita loves Ann, and says that there's a decadence to her look which is very appropriate. Tyra thinks that Ann is displaying a confidence that she used to have Casanova, but she lost him and wants him back. However, she notes that Ann was very stiff in her film, and kept getting lost in her shoulders. Tyra asks Ann what was going on in her head, and Ann replies that she was very uncomfortable in this shoot at first, but got used to it after a while. At this point, totally unrelated to Ann, Chelsey says, "I'm gonna pass out." Somebody crank up the heat a few degrees!

Next we look at Jane's close-up. Nigel says that she's overdoing it a bit, and pushing the shot too far. Margherita agrees and says that her piece of it doesn't really go with the rest of the shot. ALT, however, thinks that Jane looks wonderful. She's very glamorous, very romantic, and very Venetian. Tyra agrees with ALT, and says that Jane is blowing the other two away. It's the type of high fashion sexuality that Tyra extols, and she doesn't feel that it's too much. Suddenly there is some hubbub among the girls as Liz plays with the scarf around her neck and a few of the other girls move closer to Chelsey to catch her if she faints. Tyra tells the girls that they're allowed to sit down. But only if they sit fiercely! I don't know how she manages not to give a lecture about how being a model means living in discomfort. I'd like to think that she's finally realized what a dick move it is to have these girls wear giant sweaters in oppressive heat, but that seems unlikely.

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