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Kendal is next, and Nigel says that this is the best shot he's seen of her so far. ALT says, "You're the ultimate mermaid and you bought all the diamonds of the sea up to the surface. It's fantastic!" Matthew says that Kendal did a terrific job, but it was a struggle, especially to get warmth in Kendal's mouth. He's not the first man to have said that. Oh, and then holy schnozz. Chelsey's shot is beyond horrible. Tyra tells Chelsey that the makeup is wearing her, which makes her look like an amateur drag queen. She name checks RuPaul's Drag Race, which makes me give Tyra points. If she says the word "Ongina" on air, I will never make a rib joke again. Nigel points out that the bright red lipstick that Chelsey is wearing in person is also too much for her. He says that some people don't wear makeup as well as others, and Chelsey looks a little hurt.

Finally, there's challenge winner Liz. ALT says that her photo feels flat, and Nigel agrees that it's not genius and he doesn't understand it. Tyra also thinks that the photograph is disappointing. She notes that she photographed Liz, and Liz did a good job then. Oh, and then Liz talks about how she couldn't see because her contacts were jacked up. Mistake! Tyra gets a really scary Stepford Wives voice and says, "You don't have to see, because what are you looking at? There's no mirror." She says it's about pushing through the pain. Plus, all Liz had to do was lay there. Nigel tells her that Matthew would have taken an eyes-closed shot if it looked amazing. The judges are not impressed.

Deliberation commences. Matthew loves Kacey, thinking that she's gorgeous, she projects, and she's vivid. Everyone else agrees. Kayla has great hand placement, and Matthew loves her coloring. Esther is all Hollywood glamour and gorgeous beauty. Ann is like an underworld beauty, who is taking Italian Vogue by storm even though Italian Vogue doesn't know it yet. Matthew says that Ann is memorable, which is the best quality you could have if you want to be a star. She's 6'2", which is tall for a model, but Matthew Rolston says that if you're extraordinarily gifted in other ways, you can break the rules. Jane's look is a little generic, though she could sell to a Town & Country reader. Lexie's profile is great, and she has a high society chin. Nigel agrees that Lexie looks fantastic, but wonders if a model can survive on a great profile alone. Rhianna was a struggle, and it was hard to arrange her features to work for a classical beauty approach. Matthew isn't sure that he'd book her after his experience working with her. Nigel agrees that Rhianna's angles aren't what you typically see in beauty. Tyra loves looking at Rhianna in person, but she isn't sure that she's versatile. Kendal is gorgeous, and Matthew loves her chocolate coloration. Chelsey looks like a dumb drag queen. Liz's photo is weak, and the judges hate the excuses. Matthew says, "Never complain, never explain. Just be it." Chris's photo is full of glossy, glamorous, glittery gorgeousness according to ALT, and Nigel loves her mouth. Matthew says it was his best shot of the day, and was magic. With that, the judges have reached a decision.

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