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And soon enough Liz is in a bathrobe and visiting Tyra on set! Magaline Magaline Magaline. Oh jeez, and Tyra is going to be launching a new beauty and fashion website. HA! And I just typed into Firefox and got redirected to Tyra's website. Liz gets to reenact a cover that Tyra's already done, which features lots of "cartoon beautiful stuff" on her body. Liz gets a wig and makeup and reminds us that she is poor and a mother. Tyra directs Liz to pose like a little bad boy, and the results are more Martika than ever. Kayla shoots with Tyra next, and is thrilled that she gets to pose and not just watch. She focuses on impressing Tyra, and I imagine that she succeeds. Chris tells us that she can't think Liz enough.

With the photo shoot over, Tyra invites Liz, Kayla and Chris to have tea. For some reason, Tyra equates tea with Dr. Evil's signature pinky maneuver. Mad as hatters. The tea party includes tea bags, which is super gauche. I imagine ALT would be horrified. Tyra wants to cheers with her teacup, which they do, and then she says, "A little for the homies" and dumps a sip onto her plate, then explains that she doesn't drink alcohol. The homies appreciate some strong chamomile, I'm sure. Kayla confessionalizes that they chilled and talked and it was really nice. She says that Tyra isn't the model stereotype, and is actually really awesome. Nice try, red. Tyra compliments Liz on her short hair, and Liz asks if Tyra didn't like her swagger - e.g. her cockatiel pouf. Tyra tells Liz that she wouldn't have had a career with her previous hair, and her current hair allows her to be edgy but also commercial. She warns Liz not to be too sexy. Should have given that advice before Liz got knocked up. Tyra asks the girls questions about themselves, but only does so because it gives her more opportunity to eat the tea time goodies. Liz interviews, "Tyra ate all the carrot raisin bread." Once the carrot cake is gone, the tea party ends and Tyra can stop pretending to care.

Back at the house, Lexie vacuums and wipes down the fridge and leaves notes on paper plates that say, "Clean up after yourself! In case you didn't notice, other people live here." A little more classy than writing it in a pan of brownies, I guess. She says that she always spends her time cleaning other people's shit. She's not even the cleanest person in the world, but is really sick of cleaning up after everyone. She wonders what the process is of others when they encounter a sink full of dishes. I'm guessing that thought process goes something like, "Lexie will wash them." Kacey is apparently particularly bad, and Lexie is at her breaking point. We cut to Lexie telling Kacey that she's consistently disliked her since casting. Kacey acts surprised, and Lexie points out that when Kacey enters a room, people stop talking. Kacey says that she's noticed it from Lexie more than anybody else, and Lexie points out that Kacey also didn't set anyone else up at casting week to make them look like a bitch. She would have if she'd had the opportunity, though.

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