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Things escalate, and Lexie tells Kacey that everyone talks so much shit about her because no one likes her. Kacey asks if it's true that everyone doesn't like her. The crowd remains silent, and so Kacey goes around one by one and asks the question. Chelsey says that she thinks Kacey is fake. Chris finds that Kacey is often trippin'. We don't hear from the others, but it's pretty clear that they're in agreement. Kacey asks, "I'm really acting like a fake bitch, is that what you guys are saying?" That is, in fact, what everyone is saying. Lexie adds, "I'm not gonna hate you forever. We have to live together. We have to be civil." I believe that's a Ghandi quote. Lexie implores Kacey to be genuine. Kacey feels a negative vibe from all the girls. But the negativity has been so subtle! She must be super sensitive to vibes. Liz interviews that it was everyone against Kacey. She's glad that Lexie flat out said that Kacey was a stank ho, because it gave everyone an opportunity to pile on to the annihilation. Kacey tells the others that she feels good not to have anyone on her side. Only one person can win this competition, and she's riding solo. You'd feel bad for her if she weren't so transparently horrible. Kacey hates the girls and the girls hate Kacey, and Kacey says it's their loss. Commercials.

When we return, there is Tyra Mail: "True beauty lies just under the surface. Love, Tyra." The girls think that the shoot will have something to do with water. Kacey hopes this is incorrect, since she can't swim at all and is terrified of water. And then she'll have to scream, "I'm melting! Melting!" which is just embarrassing on set. The girls head out on their bus to Smashbox studios, where Jay awaits them with lidded dinner trays. He tells them that today they'll be doing very stylized beauty shots. The stakes are very high because they'll be wearing millions of dollars of jewelry from Martin Katz, Neil Lane, and Mikimoto. Fancy schmancy! And what goes best with diamonds? That's right: slimy sea creatures. Under the room service trays lay octopi and lobsters and eels and a whole assortment of creatures that are usually delicious in sushi but gross to look at when not chopped up. It's all worth it, though, because the girls will be shooting with photographer Matthew Rolston! The girls are very impressed. Chris simply says, "If you don't know who he is, you stupid." So if you, gentle reader, don't know who he is, I will now pause to let you search for him on Wikipedia. Mr. Ralston emerges and has a bit of a Willy Wonka vibe about him. He tells the girls that they're all going to be undersea goddesses, and will be placed in a contraption that will allow him to shoot them through water, and suspended over water. Matthew says that he's not the kind of photographer who just worries about the lighting and the camera -- he's involved in the whole creation of the image. Except for maybe the slimy sea creatures. That's vintage Manuel. Matthew is going to tell the girls what he thinks needs to be adjusted for each shot after looking at their faces and angles. Sounds innocuous now, doesn't it?

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