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Roller Girls

The girls head to hair, makeup and wardrobe. Matthew visits with each one, and has a lot to say about uneven eyebrows and lips. When he gets to Chris he simply says, "So I don't know what we're gonna do about the forehead." He decides that maybe Chris can cover it with a hand during her posing. Chris says, "You can put an octopus on top of my head. I don't care." Matthew looks disturbed, even though this seems like a natural result of telling an impressionable girl that she has a huge forehead and one side of her lips is fuller than the other.

Kendal is first on set, and boy does she look gorgeous. Jay tells her to find a way to connect to an emotion that fits for this scenario. Kendal wants to be sensual, which really means that she wants to be ironic. Jay tells her to hear the boom in the club in her head. Kendal lays in the suspended water contraption, and is outfitted with diamonds and an eel. Matthew says, "It's slimy. And it's cold." Kendal knows about slimy and cold! She is appropriately freaked out. Kendal interviews, "I mean, it was scary because, for one, I don't like seafood." If Kendal had been born mute, I think she'd be Naomi Campbell huge by now. Matthew starts shooting, and Kendal has sort of a sad expression on her face. Jay reminds her about the whole club scenario, and while Kendal insists she's at the club, Jay doesn't buy it. Maybe it's the bridge club. Matthew asks her to turn up the corners of her mouth. He notes that though Kendal is a beautiful girl, there's something in her mouth that makes her look a little angry. However, she's got the killer cheekbones and the fire in her eyes, and in the end he got a great shot.

Next we have Kayla. She's got a giant crab on her side and serious Ariel hair. Jay notes that Kayla had a regal elegance about her and looked so beautiful. He says, "She actually literally can be the Ariel of the day." So she can breathe underwater and be BFFs with a fish and a crab? How exciting for her! Chelsey is next, and looks insane. Jay and Matthew tell her to make her mouth much softer. She tries, and Matthew gives an ambiguous, "...Wow." The judges will later call her a drag queen, and it's true that she could be a Drag Race reject. I'd love to see her lip sync for her life. Next we have Esther, who finally looks totally gorgeous. Matthew says that she had unexpected movie star quality. This styling really agrees with her as, perhaps, does lying on her back.

Chris is up next, and expresses her intention to be the fun and goofy one. She attempts to joke with La Rolston, but eventually decides to get down to business. Jay says that Chris is poised, beautiful, and surprisingly together. He's also surprised that she was able to keep her mouth closed for so long. Chris takes Matthew's advice and poses with her hand covering her giant forehead. Lexie is next, and she says that, after tanking last week, she knows she has to exude confidence and emotion through her face. Matthew asks a lackey to splash the top layer of water a bit, and Lexie gets all freaked out and says that her vision was skewed and she feels like she has to throw up. She expresses this backstage, and Kacey wonders if Lexie is trying to psych everybody out. Speaking of Kacey, she's next onset and, much to the chagrin of everyone, rocks it. Matthew says she has pride, confidence, and a regal quality.

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