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Kayla is next. ALT loves the photograph, and Tyra says that Kayla is a chameleon, and that's a strength. She gets another sexy Ariel comparison, and Tyra also says that Kayla could be a country singer. This could be the cover for her number one single, "I've Got Crabs on My Shoulder and Crabs in My...Heart." Esther's photo is deemed superb by ALT, who rapturously expounds, "It gives me a TOTAL moment of YOUNG Elizabeth Taylor. I think the lips are I want to eat them for breakfast as toast!" Sic. Matthew couldn't agree more. Esther is pleased. Ann is next, and the judges all erupt in simultaneous orgasms. Tyra yells out, "J'adore this picteur!" Nigel says it's Italian Vogue worthy, and ALT agrees that it's superb. He says that it looks like she's emerging from the depths of the sea and coming up to the surface. Matthew says that Ann's look is very unique -- she has huge eyes, and an unusual proportioned face -- she looks like a movie star to the max. I do enjoy Ann, but again I don't totally get it. I'm sure Tyra would love to take this moment and lecture me about ugly-pretty. But overall, the picture looks stiff to me and the eyes are dead. Yes, I just told you that Ann isn't smizing. But she isn't!

Chris's shot is Matthew's favorite for the day. He says that everything -- the ripples of the water, the pose, and more -- came together. The issue is that Chris's forehead is extraordinarily high for her face. Tyra jumps in and notes that Chris belongs to her tribe. When you're doing a classic beauty shot, she says, you have to figure out ways to hide the forehead. Sometimes it's about covering it up with your hand, and sometimes you can tilt your chin back to make it smaller. And really, Tyra does have a large forehead but Chris is sporting, like, acres. Jane's challenge was being able to work with her body in an uncomfortable position. Matthew says she did a beautiful job of holding her pose perfectly. Tyra thinks that Jane looks stunning, but would have been even more modelesque if she had stretched her neck.

Then there's Lexie. ALT says it's very elegant and there's something warm about her smile. Nigel likes the photo too, but notes that Lexie has given them a series of profile shots. He wants a head-on beauty shot, and says that she has to bring her own unique personality to the picture and make it her own. Next is Rhianna. I think the picture is okay, but Nigel says that she looks strangely uncomfortable. Rhianna tells him that she had a lot of fun, and had almost a smirk on her face. Nigel, however, thinks the shot is too sweet and relaxed. Matthew says that there was an issue of controlling features through performance. Rhianna has a naturally sleepy, slow eye, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. However, it wasn't working for this shoot. Rhianna looks nervous, as she should.

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