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Meet the Guys and Girls of Cycle 20 – Part 1

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The 35 semi-finalists arrive in L.A., and we meet Delten. He's a plumber from Alaska, and we see a beefcake pose of him under the sink. No stereotypical crack, sadly. This is his start getting into the industry, such as it is. The guys pile onto a bus, and we meet 27-year old Mike. Ah, Mike. Tyra discovered him serving ice cream (and melting it with his smoldering hotness) on a food truck. He served her up a Choco Taco, she took a picture of his cute self smiling, and it was like a little wonderful present to all of us. Daniel, 23 from Staten Island, does a rap about his own swagger and tells us that he's a huge fan of the show. He's got a little Vinnie Barbarino edge to him. The dudes all wonder where the girls are, for a mixture of competitive and horny purposes.

And then, hey! It's the girls! They arrive at a big old theater in downtown L.A., and settle in to get makeup and hair done. Nina, 18 from Berkeley Heights, NJ, is surprised at exactly how quickly they're being thrown into this. We meet Renee, 24 from Fort Lauderdale, who is Miss Trinidad and Tobago International. She's confident in her abilities, which is a sure sign that she'll go home early. Meanwhile, men get to the theater and have their hair and makeup done in a different area. Johnny visits both the men and the women to tell them that they're going to start this shit with a masquerade ball runway show, in which they'll meet each other for the first time. Caress, 23 from Woodbridge NJ, does a little "Boyyyyyyys!" dance for us, which does nothing to distract from the fact that her name is a verb.

Johnny continues, explaining that this will be a very theatrical and avant garde couture lingerie fashion show. You got that? They'll have to walk to the end of the runway in pairs, and kiss their partner. The judges will be in the audience, and this show will be a big part in determining who moves on to the next round. A photo will be taken at the end of the runway, which the judges will also use as part of their evaluation. Johnny tells us that tonight is all about figuring out who has personality - e.g., which drama queens and kings will shout nasty things at each other and make the show interesting.

Cute, pillow-lipped Marvin tells his stylist that if he got caught with this much makeup in his neighborhood, he wouldn't exist anymore. We learn that he's 20 and from the Bronx, and was bullied for his entire life. His past sucks, but he says that he's looking forward. The aforementioned Jeremy notes that his eyes are watering, leading some dude who is either a stylist or a contestant to ask if he's a makeup virgin. The dude THEN asks if Jeremy is any other kind of virgin. He must be a plant, right? Jeremy is uncomfortable, but admits that he is. He's a strong Christian, and he believes in waiting for marriage. However, he tells us, he's a real ladies man and can't wait to meet the girls. If you keep saying it, it might just become true, little friend!

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