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As the girls get corsetted up, transgender contestant Virgg, 19 from La Habra CA, talks with the stylist to make sure that her junk is not at risk of falling out on the runway. She tells us that she was born male, but is transitioning. She's proud of the transgender label, and is going to own it. What she should disown is that name. We then meet Jourdan, also 19 and from Bend, Oregon -- a place where I have been! -- who says that she has no talents other than modeling, and getting married and divorced at age 18. She seems like a real dullard, but certainly is pretty. And then there's Ronald, 20 from Philadelphia, who doesn't care to wear clothes. Looking at his body, that is just fine with me. He tells us that he's a fighter with a lot of charm, and when he goes for things he wins. He is SO hot that it pains me how clueless he turns out to be. Not a jerk (though things could change) is Cory, 22 and also from Philly, who thinks the fact that he's relatively androgynous and edgy amongst a field of manly men is going to make him stand out. Whoever thought THAT would be the case on this show?

And then a dude who stepped out of Dangerous Liaisons takes the stage to begin the show, starting with introductions of the judges. And yes, bad news, Bryanboy and Kelly Cutrone are still there. Rob and Johnny sort of make up for them. And then belle of the ball Tyra walks out with an insane outfit and a lace mask over her eyes, and tell me I'm not the only one who was REALLY hoping that she'd trip walking down the huge staircase during her entrance. Backstage, scantily clad models pace nervously until the Vicomte de Valmont calls them out, girls on one side and guys on the other. 19-year old Kanani, from Chicago, is happy to have some testosterone floating at her from across the runway. Once everyone is in place, the Vicomte instructs the models to remove their clothes. Not ALL of the clothes, but the capes and superfluous shirts and whatnot. The masks stay on for the moment, but that doesn't stop the rush of sexytimes hormones that is going to turn this season into one big grody orgy.

The show beings as the Vicomte points to female model Lauren, and tells her to choose a companion to take down the runway. She goes with Jeremy, who instantly gets a boner. At the end of the runway, Lauren rips off her mask, and then shares a very awkward kiss with Jeremy. Lauren, who is 19 and from Mesa Arizona, tells us that she does not have a significant other and is excited about that, as well as the opportunity to devirginize sweet little Jeremy. Nina is next told to choose a walking pal, and goes with big, muscly, tattooed Don. She tells us that she's a very awkward person, so needed a big ol' beefcake to accompany her and distract from that fact. Don is 25 from Minneapolis, and says that the dudes on the show are here to prove to us ladies that they're not just mannequins. Oh, the oppression that male models have faced lo these long years! Nina and Joe also have an awkward runway kiss, and like Jeremy and Lauren before them it stems from being too eager. Nina tells us that it is her professional duty to kiss a hot dude with tattoos, so there. Overall I find Nina to be pretty enjoyable, which is how it usually is with the quirky ones.

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