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Meet the Guys and Girls of Cycle 20 – Part 1

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Chris S. is tapped next. He's 24 and from Houston, and picks Anjel to walk with him. He thinks she's fierce, likely because she's so skinny, but it turns out that she walks like a baby deer taking its first steps. She doesn't fall, but it's a bit of a nail biter. To try to distract from Anjel's horrible runway performance, Chris lays a big ole' sensual kiss on her and tells us that she could turn a gay man straight. If only Miss J. was here to fan himself. Marvin and Hayley walk, and he forgets himself for a minute and stares straight down into her boobs after they kiss. Oh, young Marvin. Ronald and Kanani walk, which gives Ronald an opportunity to talk about his bronze muscles, charisma, and charm. Kanani really knows how to kiss, which makes sense when you realize she's the 19-year old with a kid. Daniel walks with Renee, who throws an emphatic leg around him when they kiss, and Mike and Jenna take an uneventful pass together, as do Adrian and Jiana.

Then it's Virgg's turn. I was SO nervous here, but Virgg didn't appear to be at all. She points to Phil, who walks his hairy chest down the runway with her. At the end, Virgg calculates a strategy for getting noticed that entails wiping her lipstick all over her face before kissing Phil. Phil is into it, and gives a swipe at his own bare lips too. Phil, 24 from Lanesborough Mass, tells us that he's a free spirit, and doesn't seem to mind his suspicion that there's a 37% chance he kissed a dude. Jourdan towers over tiny little Justin, 24 from Hickory North Carolina, who suspects that his girlfriend is going to be none too excited about the spit-swapping at runway's end.

And then it's time for Cory to pick a partner. He takes a moment and surveys the ladies before spinning around and choosing Rhyan, who is also a dude. And…GENIUS. Genius! It's extra genius because it's authentic, and also because it's hot. They share a kiss, and Johnny gives a hoot. Cory tells us that confidence is key in anything you do, boo. I would likely not object if they hired him as the new Miss J. Delten then walks with Ashley, and gives her a boring kiss on the cheek. BOO. Adam caresses Caress with his tongue. And then Chris H. is the last dude, and is faced with four single ladies in front of him. He chooses Saydi and Lanaeya, one on each arm, and at the end of the runway is rejected by one and mauled by the other. No wonder he's so confused about how social interactions work. Finally, Bianca, 18 from Los Angeles, and Chlea, 20 from Bear, Delaware, have to walk together down the runway together. Bianca is a little embarrassed about not being picked by anyone, but Chlea doesn't seem to mind. She tells us that she wants to be the female Diddy, and also is obviously insane.

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