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Meet the Guys and Girls of Cycle 20 – Part 1

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Girl-crazy Marvin is up next, and Tyra tells him that he looks like a baby in person but a man on film. Kelly would put him in a fashion show tomorrow, and says that he's just adorable. Tyra asks Marvin to talk about his dad, who is a janitor. This is something that Marvin was ashamed of for a long time, and he says that he used to try to pretend he'd live in a different building because other kids made fun of him. I mean…it's not like his dad was freaking Dexter. Marvin's living situation was rough, with Ronald and his seven brothers living in a one-bedroom apartment with cockroaches and rats. Poor, sweet Marvin. Rob tells Marvin that he needs to call his dad up and tell him how much he appreciates him. Rob says he didn't know his dad growing up, and Tyra underscores that Marvin's dad came to this country willing to do anything to better the lives of his kids. And then Marvin came on this show and all of his effort was for naught. Marvin cries, and shouts with pride that his dad is a janitor. We see a photo of Marvin's dad, and then I start crying too. Dammit.

And then it's time for everyone to get better acquainted with food truck Mike, aka the ice cream man. He gives Tyra a, "How YOU doin'?" because he is suave like that, then tells the panel his origin story. Basically, he was doling out the swirl in the truck when two ladies came up to get some ice cream, and the taller one of the two asked him if he's ever done any modeling. And then a light bulb went off over his pretty head and he realized it was Tyra. Johnny encourages Mike to take off his hoodie and show off his sweet, toned body, like male models should do in a casting. Kelly wonders if girls ask Mike out on the food truck, and the answer is duh. Mike is a little tight in the mouth in his picture, and Kelly would like to see him learn how to better work his beautiful bod in a photograph.

And then there's boring Jourdan. It turns out she's 6'1", and also her dad had a drug and alcohol problem. Once he got sober, he started drug testing Jourdan and her sisters. With such a strict upbringing Jourdan rebelled, and thus the marrying and divorcing at 18. She regrets the whole experience, but it makes her stronger. The judges love Jourdan's photo even though her face looks kind of weird. After she leaves, the judges talk about how beautiful her face and athletic body are, but Kelly says that she needs some help in the self-confidence department.

And then it's time for the crazy losers montage! Except that some of the crazies actually end up making it on the show. Chlea says she has a booty like Nicki Minaj, but real. I personally may not be ready for that jelly. Poor Anjel comes in, and Tyra says she's never seen a girl as uncomfortable in heels. Her legs are sort of bending one way and then the other like pipe cleaners, and Rob theorizes that they're not strong enough to hold her body up. This is not a good thing. Tyra stands next to Chris S., who is 5'8" in reality, but 5'10" and a quarter to the world. Nina hula hoops. Of course she does. And then there's sexy dancing on the part of the male models. Tyra tells a dude named Nick that his eyebrows are very nice, and he cops to getting them waxed before he came. There is some boxing, but sadly none of the judges get knocked out.

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