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Meet the Guys and Girls of Cycle 20 – Part 1

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Then there's Don, who is a rapper and club promoter. Johnny asks what are the three most important things in his life, and he says, "Money. Women. And attention. And they all three go hand in hand." The judges actually physically recoil from him, and Rob notes that it's a recipe for disaster. Tyra says that Don has a girlfriend, which makes his claim that women are the second most important thing in his life suspect. Don says that it's a constant battle, which his girlfriend must love to hear. Tyra asks if he cheats, and though he claims he does not, Kelly isn't buying it. Don deflects this uncomfortable line of questioning with a rap: "They give me a tooch and then I give them a smooch and then I take 'em to their room and I treat her like a hooch." For some reason, the judges are impressed by Don's ability to form a perfect rhyme about being a sleaze.

We get brief footage of a dance party in the holding room, and Lauren tells us that guys and girls together is not just nuts, it's macadamia nuts. I'm allergic to macadamia nuts, so this does not sound appealing to me at all. Then Kanani goes before the judges, and tells them how her family sold Cuban food and opened a candy shop on her front porch to get her to the casting. Kanani has a one year old daughter, and is on the show to ensure that she grows up differently than Kanani herself did. Tyra notes that Kanani looks very elegant in her photo, though a bit stiff. Kanani tells us that if this doesn't work out, it's back to making $4.95 an hour. What is the minimum wage in Illinois? Can someone notify the federal government?

With that, the judges have narrowed down the 35 to 26. The contestants all go to the souped up house for the season, where Bryanboy points out a fence full of masks. If the models find their faces on a mask, they're moving forward. If not, they're going home. Everyone is nervous, and the extra adrenaline is helpful for when they rush the fence. We see Adam, Bianca, Don, Nina, Jeremy, Cory, Jiana, Alexandra, Chlea, Jourdan, Renee, Caress, Chris H., Kanani, Marvin, Phil, Mike, and Virgg get masks. Poor Anjel didn't make it, and hopefully doesn't have to walk all the way home to New Orleans on those toothpicks. Lauren also didn't get chosen, which is Macadamia nuts. And beautiful but dumb Ronald gets axed as well, and sent back to do more swampy high fashion photo shoots in Philly.

With the losers out of the way, Bryanboy tells the models that they'll be crashing in the house for the night. But they shouldn't get too comfortable, since not all of them will be there permanently. The second phase of casting will happen the next day, to determine the final 16. As Renee says, let the games begin!

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