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Meet the Guys and Girls of Cycle 20 – Part 2

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Shenanigans aplenty are happening at the model house when Tyra shows up, replete in an Annette Funicello beach bunny ensemble and wig. There is much screaming, and several girls tell us how lovely she is. Nina's spin on this is that she looks like an alien, but the most beautiful out of this world alien. Aren't aliens by nature out of this world? Tyra says that the modeling industry is ruled by women, but there have been hot men a plenty who have broken through - e.g., Tyson Beckford, Marcus Schenkenberg, Boris Kodjoe, and our very own Rob Evans. Oh sparkly, sparkly, beautiful Rob. He's on hand to help all the models, but especially the fellas from whom it's more difficult, understand what it takes to make it in the industry. Tyra says that she's of course there for everyone too, but especially the girls. She wants to teach them how to avoid committing a Top Model female crime, namely being overshadowed by a guy. If Janice were still here, she could teach them how to avoid the crime of coking yourself up so badly that you fall off of a runway and into a famous person's lap. Nah, who am I kidding, she'd totally just be molesting the dudes. She's been gone for, like, 15 seasons, but never forgotten as long as I am able to draw breath.

The group separates via gender, with Tyra going with the girls and Rob with the boys. Tyra talks with the ladies about the advantage that female models have -- basically, more things to sell. Guys can only sell underwear and shoes, though they do so with aplomb. We cut to Rob telling the guys that modeling is always about the female, and men are just accessories and mannequins. He used to hate that, but then realized that rules can be broken. Rob is charmingly quasi-humble as he says that he blew up to the point where he was making more money than some top female models. Don then takes a moment to tell us that he's not concerned with the male competition -- he's looking out for the ladies. He's an aspiring rapper and notes that that's helped him with his confidence, which will be a benefit for modeling. Something tells me that Don didn't actually need MORE confidence, ever.

Tyra then tells the ladies that they'll be modeling with the guys, and while sexuality and sensuality is important, she's not looking for porn. She wants women to wish that they WERE the models in the photographs, and guys to want to be with them. And not how people wish they WERE porn actresses, because I think that is comparatively rare. We then learn that Renee, sick of this sexy, sexy world, has chosen to be celibate. She's not here to meet prince charming, she says. Still, she didn't seem all that reluctant taking a piggyback ride from Mike earlier. But I digress.

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