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Meet the Guys and Girls of Cycle 20 – Part 2

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The contestants head to their photo shoot, where they meet Johnny and Bryanboy. Johnny tells them that for this shoot, which is in the heart of Hollywood, they'll have their images projected 50 feet onto the building behind them so passersby can see and laugh. Bryanboy nits on about the importance of social media, and says that people walking by can text their votes for the various larger-than-life projected contestants. Assuming that no one is going to stand there looking at these clowns for three hours, it seems like those shooting during times with higher foot traffic have quite an advantage.

As the contestants get their hairs and makeups did, Jeremy tells us that the cutest girl in the competition, to him, is Jourdan. How predictable! These two dullards deserve each other. Jourdan tells us that Jeremy is very nice and respectful so she feels comfortable around him, but she has a boyfriend back at home and isn't looking for any male attention. Meanwhile, Renee and Cory bond over being multi-racial, and she extols her love for him as he says in middle school kids called him "Cory-O the Oreo." Kids, man.

And then the shoot begins! Food truck Mike is up first, shirtless but wearing a leather vest. It's his first shoot, and we're reminded about how Tyra discovered him and brought him on the show even though he had no previous interest in modeling. Alexandra thinks that's not fair. Please do not make me give this bitch a lecture about how the world is not fair. As Renee shoots and looks a little Stephanie Mills meets Iman, Jourdan says that this beauty queen is one to watch out for. Nina shoots and then wrangles up votes from strangers on the street. Mike likes it, and tells us that Nina is crazy in a very good way. Phil is up next, in silver rock star pants. And whatever, he looks awesome. Jiana tells us for the millionth time that she wants to bone him. US TOO! We get it! We get a glimpse of Daniel and then it's time for Chris H. He's struggling a bit, and Johnny tells him not to squint so much. Chris is being thrown off by the cock-punching aftermath, but with some more direction from Johnny he gets his game together. Don tells us that even though no one really likes Chris, he's got great features and is legit competition.

Kanani is up next, looking gorgeous and elegant, and then we have Cory in a fishnet shirt. Alexandra theorizes that Cory is great, but his downfall is going to be his inability to look masculine in photos. Cory himself tells Johnny that he's going to keep trying to butch up. Then we have Jourdan, who tells us that her ex-husband of less than a year wasn't very nice to her, and the emotional damage and verbal abuse took a toll on her self-esteem. Johnny approaches Jourdan, saying that she seems to be holding back, and she admits to us that she was nervous with all the passersby watching. After giving more direction, Johnny tells us that he doesn't understand why beautiful girls have self-esteem issues. Try being a lady for one day, dude. He tells her to be strong, but she doesn't seem to be improving.

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