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Meet the Guys and Girls of Cycle 20 – Part 2

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On the Virgg

Delten is next, and Johnny tells him that his expressions are all the same and very safe. However, old ladies on the street love his crop-top leather jacket! Delten hopes that he'll never have to go back to plumbing, saying that he'd dread it. Things are about to get REALLY depressing for him and his two-head in about twenty minutes, then. Next we have Virgg, who gets some encouraging words from Johnny before she shoots. She tells us that she's feeling kind of dizzy, but is trying to bring it. She wants to stay and doesn't want anyone to think she's a quitter, but her own health issues are taking a toll on her.

We whip through Adam, who is asked to have a stronger face, and Jiana, who skanks it up a little. Alexandra and Don seem to do a passible job, and as will come as no surprise, Don is out charming the votes from ladies on the street. Chlea gives us some commentary on the situation, and it's the first (but not the last!) time we get to hear her Cindy Brady lisp. And speaking of, Chlea poses and then tells us about how girls on the street were looking at her in awe, like she was "Thomebody thignifithent." Full disclosure: I watched that moment at least 300 times. It's partly the lisp, but mostly that she thinks the word is "significent." One time I went on vacation and met a really amazing and affectionate cat named Susan who had a deviated septum and purred and drooled constantly and my impression of her speaking voice sounds EXACTLY like Chlea. "Thomebody thignifithent" is TOTALLY something that Susan would say, too.

Meanwhile, Jeremy and Jourdan talk together to some folks on the street, after which Jourdan takes the opportunity to tell us that Jeremy is a little lost and follows her around like a puppy dog. "I think it's adorable in a way," she says, showing that there's a stone beeyotch under that dull exterior. Jeremy is up next and seems to do a passable job, though Phil tells us that Jeremy's mom signed him up for this whole thing and he doesn't even really know what he wants to do. He also is lacking confidence, which may be related to his virginity. We see Caress for a hot minute, and then Bianca, who is the object of a little crush from Mike. He thinks this is interesting since he's the oldest and she's the youngest. I don't know if "interesting" is the word I'd use. Chris S. -- the non-cock-punching Chris -- seems to do a fine job, though Cory tells us that because he's such a wee little thing he really has to overcompensate with his posing.

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