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Marvin is next, and Johnny remarks on his reptilian features. Marvin tells us that both of his parents are from Honduras, and he wants to be sure to represent them well. He tells us how he has no plan other than to be on this show, adding, "I mean, people are asking, how are you gonna pay your rent? I don't know. But no one knows. And that's, like, life. You just don't know." I…actually DO know I'm going to pay my rent. It's called a job. While sadly true for a lot of folks, I don't think Marvin's statement is all that broadly generalizable. Anyway, that's a wrap.

Back at the house, Cory, Jeremy, and Jourdan sit by the pool. Just for fun, Cory puts a big spoon in the cauldron of shit and starts stirring, asking if anything happened between the two of them. Jourdan is quick to say they're just friends, but Jeremy interviews that Jourdan is the prettiest one with the best personality, adding that they're just friends "so far." God, could you imagine if you lost your virginity in the Top Model house? I feel like you should just get instant spiritual chlamydia for that.

As Jeremy insists in a very mature way that he doesn't LIKE-like her, Jourdan tells us that she feels bad for Jeremy and his sad, misguided feelings for her. She wants to make sure that they're on the same page about being friends. To this end, she tells him that it's obvious that he likes her a little bit. Jeremy says that he's just a flirt, and then Cory interjects to say that Jourdan wouldn't be bringing any of this forth if she didn't have feelings for Jeremy. Jourdan doth protest too much, and then we get an eye-rolling interview from Cory in which he says that Jourdan just loves to have all the attention on her. She doesn't make us like her any more by saying, "I'm a model. Like, I know that I'm obviously attractive. Of course guys are gonna hit on me and flirt with me. It's just natural." Is it natural for someone to punch her in the throat? Maybe Chris H.?

She then exclaims that Jeremy follows her around everywhere, which pisses him off and makes him leave muttering that he doesn't follow anybody around. He wonders why anyone would bother being nice to girls when they're just nasty in return. And this is how the 40-year-old virgin is born. Cory then goes on about how they're both beautiful creatures and shouldn't try to fight it, and Jeremy yells at him to stop while Mike looks on and cracks up.

The next day, models get ready for elimination and Marvin makes a call to his awesome janitor father, who cleans toilets and never complains. Marvin is trying to be America's Next Top Model, while his dad is just trying to be in America. He tells his dad that he misses him a lot, and his dad says that all he wants is to know that Marvin is okay. And then Marvin cries as he tells his dad that he never felt close to him growing up, but now gets it, and understands the sacrifices he's made. He's happy to be his father's son. And wow, Rob totally facilitated an emotional breakthrough! He is magic, with muscles.

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