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Meet the Guys and Girls of Cycle 20 – Part 2

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On the Virgg

And then we're back to talking about how weird Chris H. is. Mike says that he's ruining the whole dynamic in the house, and then Chris tells us the groundbreaking news that he's actually very socially awkward. I never would have guessed from the time when you PUNCHED OTHER DUDES IN THE NUTS. Though honestly, given how little I understand about men, someone totally could have sold me on the idea that guys do that all the time, like a handshake of sorts. Nina, who was there to see the nut-punching in close-up live action, decides to be kind and try to help Chris to fit in a little bit.

She sits down with him and tells him that he needs to open up to people. She wonders if there's something that makes him so guarded, and he shares that his mother never told him that she loved him, and he was often neglected. His mom also moved a lot, and he was never able to establish connections with other kids. He says that he doesn't want to be the guy in the corner, and she tells him not to be. Nina adds that she's not giving up on him, but he can't be secluded and isolated. Chris appreciates her advice to get to know people, but says he doesn't know how to do it. I know how not to do it. Spoiler… it involves nut-punching.

While some of the guys find creative ways to work out given that much of their equipment is broken, Marvin and Virgg have a talk. Virgg says that this is the first time she's really had conversations with straight men other than her family. Marvin is glad that Virgg is who she is, and tells her that he doesn't want to see her go. Virgg is surprised at how open minded the guys are overall. And I mean, male contestants on America's Next Top Model might be something of an irregular sample pool. It's still amazing and thrilling, though. Virgg continues her internal debate about whether or not to stay in the competition, and we see Delten lounging around shirtless and telling her not to give up. Cory also really wants Virgg to stay, both because her story is going to affect so many people and because she's straight up fierce. And she just seems lovely all-around.

With another round of cuts coming up, we see the contestants all packing their bags and then transition to the judges reviewing photos and deliberating privately. They talk about Chris H., and Johnny says that he was overthinking things on set, but eventually they got a photo. The judges of course were not around for the cock punching, so this does not factor into their decision. Alexandra has fight and tenacity, according to Tyra, but Kelly says she looks like she'd be modeling for a car company at a trade show. She is not wrong! Jordan is gorgeous, but Johnny says that she's very unsure of herself in front of the camera.

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