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Meet the Guys and Girls of Cycle 20 – Part 2

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On the Virgg

The fans loved Danny, but he seems to be shrinking in the competition. Rob likes Marvin, and thinks he has potential and a unique face, though needs work. Kelly says that he has a dork factor, but maybe not in a good way. When it comes to Virgg, Johnny says he loves the idea of having a transgender contestant, but the hormone therapy is making her sick and it's hard to tell how long she can hold out. The judges talk about Nina, and Kelly says that amongst a field of beautiful girls, Nina looks like Kurt Cobain's illegitimate daughter. She can't take it. Johnny LOVES her though. And with that, the judges have chosen their top sixteen!

The bus with the contestants gets to the locale where the final sixteen will be announced. Before things get going, though, Virgg asks to talk to Tyra. She's feeling weak, and really questioning if she can push through. Virgg tells us that she doesn't want Tyra to be upset with her, and doesn't want to let her down after Tyra has given her this chance. She meets Tyra in her dressing room, where she is fully regaled in crazy makeup and a fluffy white robe. And…did Tyra have some work done? Her face looks very, very tight. Maybe it's just good genetics.

Virgg tells Tyra that she's sorry, but didn't realize how stressful this was going to be. She doesn't want Tyra to be pissed at her, and wants to leave on a positive note. Tyra says that she's proud of Virgg for considering her health first. She's done a lot of research about hormones, and understands from Isis that it's like being early-pregnant but crazier. Tyra holds Virgg's face and tells her how beautiful she is before saying that she hopes one day to photograph her and have her on Top Model again. Oh, I hope so too! If it could happen with Angelea, we certainly can see Virgg in Cycle 24. After the deed is done, Virgg cries and tells us that everyone has been so kind to her, which is something she doesn't usually experience. Oh no, now I'm crying too! Though it's hard to give up on something that she wants so badly, she knows that focusing on her health is the important thing.

With Virgg out, the models show up at a venue that's set up for some sort of fashion show, and Tyra walks out to their ecstatic screams. She gives an overview of the prizes: a spread in Nylon magazine, a contract with Next Model Management, and a $100,000 national campaign with Guess. Everyone is stoked about the Guess contract, because they all secretly want to be Anna Nicole Smith. Even the dudes! Immediately after this cut, the final sixteen will be appearing in a Guess fashion show. If that's not scary enough, they'll be walking for Guess CEO Paul Marciano himself. Who, were it not for the suave Italian accent, would look just like some regular overtanned creepy old guy on the street.

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